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WhatsApp brings the new ‘Snapchatty’ update, Users have mix reactions

WhatsApp New Update

Mumbai: WhatsApp users got a surprise gift on Thursday morning when the new WhatsApp brought some ’24-hour lasting’ Status Feature. The look and the feel of the app changed completely and few wondered if their WhatsApp has got some problems. Some users hate the new WhatsApp wherein some just can’t resist from using it throughout the day. The reason we call it ‘Snapchatty’ update is its feature seemingly inspired by ‘Snapchat’ app. WhatsApp had announced new Status Feature several days ago and we were waiting for it excitedly and now we can’t wait anymore to talk about it after its finally launched. Ajanta News Tech division tried WhatsApp’s this Status feature and found it really interesting.


The Snapchat users always wanted this feature in their WhatsApp as well and WhatsApp has finally heard their wishes. We waited for couple of days to bring you our practical experience with this new feature of WhatsApp. We used and watched the activities of our WhatsApp friends and few used it the whole day with new Status every alternate hours.


So let’s learn the way to use new WhatsApp Status feature in our Short Tutorial. Let’s say you want to update your status


-Open the App

-Click on the Status Tab

-You can click on ‘My Status’ or you see the dotted circle with a plus sign on the top right corner of the screen, click on it

-Now you can select any Image from your gallery or click one. This will show you your updated status and ‘Sending’ sub-status which means your status is sent to your contacts.


Note that your status will get deleted automatically after 24 hours or you may choose to delete it anytime by long-pressing the current status and clicking the delete button. The change that users  are hating the most is the removal of earlier Status option. Earlier, the Status option use to tell contacts about whether you are Busy, Available or any Customized Status and the status once updated use to last until you change it or delete it. However, now the users will have to update the status after every 24 hours since Whatsapp will delete their status after the span of 24 hours.


WhatsApp has tried to win the critics by making the Privacy Settings User-Loving. You may choose who you want to share your Status Update with. The 3 options given to WhatsApp users are:


  1. Share with Contacts

  2. Share with Contacts except

  3. Share with only few.


Verdict: Overall, we liked the new WhatsApp and we believe, the New WhatsApp will be loved by ones who are very active on Social Media and who tend to change their status more oftenly.

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