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Top Sex Scandals of Bollywood – Read some Interesting Facts

Sex Scandals of Bollywood

Mumbai: ‘Bollywood’ a place where everybody dreams and desires to work in but very few break the barriers and challenges in it and reach the seven letter word ‘Success’. People who get attracted to this industry are those who desire Name, Fame, Wealth and Reputation. Few of the people who have reached the peak of the success have sometimes mishandled the Fame they have got. Some of them are captured in the Camera and no, not while posing but while having their private moments. Yes, we are talking about Sex Scandals in Bollywood. So hold your breath while we bring before you the Top Bollywood Sex Scandals which shocked this Industry and us significantly


Shiney Ahuja
Shiney begs the first place in our top sex scandals of Bollywood list. Shiney who made ‘Dhinchak’ entry in Bollywood in 2003 and gave many blockbuster films to audience got trapped in the bait of Sex Scandal. This reel life “Sins” actor is actually a sinner too in real life. In 2009, A rape case was filed against him by his maid and in 2011, Trial court ordered seven years imprisonment to him.


Ashmit Patel And Riya Sen
Ashmit who impressed audience by his performance in Bollywood film ‘Murder’ also shocked audience in 2007 by a MMS clip in which this Bollywood actor was seen kissing and doing romance with actress Riya Sen but both the actors made a statement later that the clip was fake and morphed.


Madhur Bhandarkar And Preeti Jain
Madhur Bhandarkar who made many successful Films like ‘Chandni Bar’ ‘Fashion’ was slapped a rape case by actress Preeti Jain in July 2004 in which she accused Madhur for raping her 16 times on the pretext of making her actress in one of his movies.


Shakti Kapoor
This “Main Nanha sa Chhotta sa Bachcha Hoon” actor is actually a Baap of negative controversies. In 2005, Shakti Kapoor was caught in a sting operation in which he was seen asking for a sexual favour to a struggling model on behalf of making her a Superstar.


Aman Verma
Aman verma the reel life decent man allegedly seems to be a bad guy in real life. This television actor in a sting operation made by a reporter was seen asking a female for sexual favour in exchange of Bollywood Entry.


Aditya Pancholi
Aditya Pancholi who was nominated for the ‘Best Performance in the Negative Role’ title for his film ‘Yes Boss’ is also making entry in our Sex Scandal list. We think this nomination made him actually a negative guy because he was charged with a rape case by a 15 year old maid who was working in his then girlfriend Pooja Bedi’s residence.


Subhash Kapoor and Geetika Tyagi
Subhash got the fame by his film ‘Jolly LLB’ and he comes sadly in the last in our list. Geetika Tyagi lodged a molestation case against him and also made a video in which Geetika was seen slapping Subhash in front of his wife Dimple.


So these were the top performing Bollywood Stars in our Sex Scandal list of Bollywood. We’ll bring you some more interesting facts in our next article. Till then, we say TTYL to our readers.


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