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Top 4 Hidden features of Finger Print Scanners on Smartphones

Finger Print Scanner

Mumbai: Have you ever wondered whether the finger print scanner in your Smartphone has been placed just to unlock your Smartphone? Have you ever thought there may be some other useful tricks to use in your Smartphone using this finger print sensor? If you never thought so, we will educate you on how useful the finger print sensor in your Smartphone is. For those who do not know what a Finger Print Scanner is all about, it is one of the safest technology to acquire access to your account using your finger print. So let’s see some cool and interesting uses of Finger Print Scanner


Google Play shopping authentication
Who knew that the time would come when online purchase could be authenticated by just a press of your thumb. Yes, you can authenticate shopping at Google Play Store with your finger print scanner.


Keep selective apps private

There are always these few apps in your Smartphone which store some of your private files which you do not wish anyone to access without your permission. You always wish to lock these apps separately to disable anyone getting access to your phone access these apps. You can do that using your finger print scanner by using some special apps which can enable you to do so.


Camera Shutter using Finger Print Scanner

You must be aware that Xiaomi users can take pictures using their finger print scanner. With MIUI update, you can use your finger print scanner to take pics in a Xiaomi Smartphone with finger print scanner. However, even if you do not happen to have a Xiaomi Smartphone, you don’t have to be disappointed. You can install Dactyl – Fingerprint cam which is a trial app but will cost you after 10 usages.


Use Finger Print Scanner as Gestures

Have you ever tried a Google Pixel smartphone? It has given its users the option of using the Finger Print Scanner as your gesture to swipe down the notification shade. The similar way, if you have an android smartphone but not a Google Pixel, then install Fingerprint Gestures. It will help you set and use your own gestures for your finger print action on finger print scanner.


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