Monday, December 18, 2017
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Gujarat Election 2017, Polls on Elections 2017, Gujarat Elections 2017 Poll Result

Gujarat Election 2017: What Various Polls State about the Winner?

Mumbai: The entire past week has been focused politically on the Gujarat Election which was held on 9th December and 14th December 2017. The counting of votes will take place on December 18. All 182 members of the Gujarat Legislative Assembly will be elected and the leader of the largest

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INS Kalvari Commissioned, INS Kalvari Indian Navy, Indian Navy Submarine

INS Kalvari Commissioned by PM Modi: 7 Things You Must Know

Mumbai: On Wednesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that he will commission India-built INS Kalvari on Thursday, into the navy at Mumbai. PM Modi has commissioned the iconic submarine into the Indian Navy today. He thanked the Mazagon Dock for their contribution in the Indian Defence system. It would be

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Gujarat Assembly Election 2017: Congress and BJP Talk High on the Upcoming Result

Mumbai: Voting in the 89 constituencies of Gujarat took place on saturday successfully. The second phase of voting for the remaining 93 of the state's 182 constituencies will be held on December 14, to form the government in Gujarat. For a party to form it's own government in the state,

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Gujarat Assembly Election 2017, Gujarat Assembly Election, Assembly Election 2017, Hardik Patel with Shiv Sena

Shiv Sena Plans to Contest Separately in Gujarat with Hardik Patel

Mumbai: When it's politics, we all expect anything and everything being possible. One such news which will surprise you is that Shiv Sena, the NDA-ally, plans to contest separately in the Gujarat assembly election which is scheduled in December this year. As per sources, Matoshree apprehends damage to the party

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Demonetization A Loot, Successful Demonetization, Flaws Demonetization, Shortfalls Demonetization,

Can the Effort Of Demonetization Be Called A “Loot”?

Mumbai: It has been a year today and we call it 'DeMo' anniversary and we all are very well aware with what mind-set it emerged and a made a mark in the Indian history. All the 500 and 1000 rupees currency was declared non-legal tender and new currency of 500

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Amit Shah The Face of BJP, BJP President, Amit Shah history, About Amit Shah, Amit Shah Chanakya

How Amit Shah has Become the Face of BJP after Narendra Modi

Mumbai: While Narendra Modi is the face of BJP, Amit Shah is its limbs…..Modi is able to become a wave only because it is Amit Shah who steers his ship. Indeed in three years, the political astuteness of Amit Shah has taken the BJP to a new height. It's rise

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Jan Raksha Yatra in Kerela, BJP Led Jan Raksha Yatra, Jan Raksha Yatra

Kerala Witnessed BJP led Jan Raksha Yatra, Know The Purpose

Mumbai: BJP’s 15-day calendar Jan Raksha Yatra came to an end. As per BJP, the yatra will target "Jihadi-Red terror" as the party alleges a spike in murderous attacks on its workers and members in the state by the CPM cadre. These attacks ascended more from the time the party

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Why Nanded Polling Result Should be an Eye Opener for BJP, AIMIM and Other Parties

Bangalore: India is a Democratic country and the people make the decisions on who should rule them. In 2014, India underwent its major political change when BJP ended the 10 year Congress Government with single majority. The results of those election proved how the public wanted a change. Since then,

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Jay Shah V/s The Wire, The Wire v/s Jay Shah, Amit Shah's Son against The Wire, Defamation Case against The wire, the wire challenged by Jay Shah

Amit Shah’s Son, Jay Shah has Filed a Defamation Case against The Wire

Bangalore: Amit Shah is one of the most important politician who was very helpful in BJP’s victory in Indian general election of 2014 and in making Narendra Modi as Prime Minister of India. Under Amit Shah’s leadership, BJP achieved great success in Legislative Assembly elections in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jammu &

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Life of Sonia Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi's Life, Sonia Gandhi in India,

How Edvige Antonia Albina Màino became the Sonia Gandhi of India

Though many may not know it, or perhaps even believe it, Sonia Gandhi’s story is a story of love…..her love for Rajiv and her love for India. Even Rajiv’s death did not deter her to leave. She chose the narrow path to stay behind in the country, even forgiving it

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