Monday, November 20, 2017
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BEST fare to Increase, BEST Buses fare Increase, Proposal to increase BEST bus fare

Mumbai: BEST Bus Fare To Hike Soon, Final Approval Pending

Mumbai: Inflation has been an issue from UPA to NDA Government. The time when everything's price is increasing steadily and quietly then how can one hope for any relief from our secondary lifeline "BEST Bus". You understood it right. Get ready and strengthen your pockets to pay more for your BEST

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RC Smartcard for Car and Bike, RC Smartcard Car and Bike, RC Smartcard for Car and Bike in India

Registration Certificates to be Replaced with Smartcards for the Bike and Car

Mumbai: From the time Narendra Modi took over the government in Centre, there are many schemes launched as a result of 'Digital India' mission. As a part of this mission, linking Aadhar and PAN card to bank accounts were done. Now a similar procedure for Vehicle registration is announced. It

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Francis Silveira had objection over Sunny Leone’s Condom Ad on Goa’s buses

New Delhi: Albert Einstein once said and I quote “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”   Goa being one of the most travelled places having maximum tourist attraction for various reasons such as adventure, party, beaches, drinks and the list continues till infinity, is in news for a wrong

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मुंबई BEST Air Conditioned Buses

मुंबई में बेस्ट के फैसले के बाद अब कल से बंद हो जाएँगी एसी बसें

मुंबई: मुंबई वासियों के लिए एसी बस का सफर आज समाप्त हो जाएगा क्योंकि कल से यह एसी बसें सड़कों पर नही दिखाई देंगी | बेस्ट ने 17 अप्रैल 2017 यानि की कल से ऐसी बसें हटाने का फैसला लिया है | बेस्ट के एसी बस बंद करने के फैसले

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