Monday, December 18, 2017
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Is War between India and China Imminent? Power check

Mumbai: The standoff between India and China on the territorial sanctity on the Doka La plateau is a major cause for concern. The bone of contention is Doka La is a narrow plateau lying in the tri-junction of Bhutan, China and India. It is a disputed territory claimed by both Bhutan and China. India

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India is not acquiescent with China this time? Know here

Lucknow: India and China are both ancient civilizations. They've  had centuries of cultural and business exchanges but at present, their relationship has been more unpleasant than sociable. As big economic and military powers, India and China are key strategic players in the world. Both nations are dealing with problems including

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Today’s Top 2 News to watch out for – Ajanta News Daily Update

Mumbai: Ajanta News has been bringing the top 2 news for you so that news reading becomes easier for you. We bring you the top 2 news which you must read to update yourself about the happenings in the world   China rejects the reports of having vested interest in meddling into

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