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Super Modi Wave seen through UP Election Result 2017, twitterettis react

UP Election Result 2017 Twitter Reaction

Uttar Pradesh: With saffron covering major part of Uttar Pradesh’s map, BJP is all set to form it’s government without any support in UP. Unprecedented numbers have come for BJP in UP Election Result 2017. BJP has been running ahead on major seats of Uttar Pradesh and political experts’ speculation states BJP forming its own government in Uttar Pradesh without any support.


BJP president for Uttar Pradesh, Keshav Prasad Maurya has expressed utmost happiness and said to a Media channel, “This victory is PM Modi’s victory, Uttar Pradesh’s people’s victory, UP BJP party workers’ victory”


However he tried to evade from the question of whether he will be the CM nominate from BJP.


This victory for BJP will be unprecedented because of the fact that BJP couldn’t win any assembly election after Kalyan Singh’s Government in UP and also, this number is the highest that the party has ever achieved in UP. Talking about results from other states, Uttrakhand, Punjab, Manipur and Goa have a mixed result where Uttrakhand shows Saffron in major, Punjab for Congress, Manipur & Goa show neck-on-neck between Congress and BJP.


The numbers started popping up on the screen of various news channels for all parties from morning and all party spokesperson started claiming their win-without-support from early morning on all news channels. The Twitter got flooded with reactions as soon as BJP’s number started ascending. Here are some of Twitterettis’ tweets that will leave you entertained






This one is epic :O


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