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Student Union Elections are back in Universities across Maharashtra

Student Union Elections

Mumbai: ABVP and AISA are the names we hear these days on News Channels, Radio and Read in Newspapers. We often hear the Student Unions protesting for their demands in their respective Universities. The latest of all is the Delhi University where the Clash of ABVP and AISA over the participation of Anti-national tagged Umar Khalid and Shehla Rashid in a seminar named ‘Cultures of Protests’ which was supposed to happen in Ramjas college of Delhi. A perfect example to show what the Student Union Elections are, is shown in the Movie ‘Gulaal’. But the question here is, do we hear these stories from Maharashtra based Universities. Your answer will be ‘No’ obviously.


Maharashtra banned Student Union Elections in 1994 in Maharashtra based Universities after Maharashtra Universities Act 1994 was passed. The reason behind passing this Act was the repeated outbreaks of violence during the Student Union Elections or due to the Elections of Student Unions in Maharashtra. Many clashes between various Student Unions which use to disturb the University’s environment. However, the news is that the Student Union Elections are coming back in Universities across Maharashtra. Some are excited and some are apprehensive about this step.


Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad’s (ABVP) Mumbai Head, Rohit Chandode said, “Finally, real students leaders will get a voice to put forth students’ issues instead of current practice of selecting students’ leaders”.


One advantage that we may think of is the fact that Maharashtra may start getting educated and well qualified politicians in future. One more advantage is that students who are pursuing Politics may get hands-on experience while imbibing the bookish knowledge simultaneously. Now the drawbacks, one very significant drawback is that it’s youth which will come in Politics. Youth are known for their extremist behaviour and getting power at this young age may lead to violence in the state sometimes.


Maharashtra Navnirman Vidyarthi Sena’s President Aditya Shirodkar said, “Student elections were stopped after nuisance element entered the student activities which resulted in violence. We strongly recommend that government ensures strict code of conduct in student elections”


We welcome state’s decision to revoke Student Union Elections in Universities across Maharashtra but we also hope the Law and Order maintaining bodies of the state work stringently to curb any mishappening in Maharashtra’ Universities.


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