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Pamphlets of Hatred found in the ‘Masjids’ of Bareilly

Pamphlets of hatred in mosques

BAREILLY: On the early morning of 24th March 2017, some pamphlets were found in two ‘Masjids’ (Mosques) in Jianagla village which is 70km from Bareilly. The muslim villagers are threatened in this Pamphlets to either remove the loudspeakers from their Mosques or else be prepared to be prohibited for the ‘Namaz’ (Prayers).


These types of pamphlets disturbed the atmosphere of the villagers. Nobody knows who have thrown these pamphlets inside the mosques but what it seems out of the scenarios is not healthy for our society. Many villagers believe that it was thrown in the night of Thursday 24th of March 2017. The pamphlets are allegedly undersigned by ‘All Hindus’.


It was also written that “Muslims should learn to behave themselves as our government has won and come to power. Either stop using loudspeakers while praying or else ‘they’ will not let namaz to be offered in both the Mosques. It is not just a merely warning”.


Police said that We received the complaint about the disturbing pamphlets. Following which we have registered an FIR against unidentified persons. Police are investigating about these pamphlets from where and who threw this pamphlets inside the two mosques.


As per reports earlier this month of March, many posters were also displayed at more than twelve places of Jianagla Village ordering it’s Muslim population to ‘leave immediately’. This poster also displayed that with BJP in power in Uttar Pradesh Hindus of the village would do what US president Donald Trump was doing to Muslims in United States of America.


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