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Intimate Relationship Before marriage: Advantages & Disadvantages to Know

Intimate Relationship Before marriage: Advantages Disadvantages to Know, Intimate relationship before marriage is good or bad,
Intimate Relationship Before marriage: Advantages Disadvantages to Know

In this modern age, relationships have got a new definition. From the era of the 19th century where we saw people indulging in intimate relationships after marriage, we have travelled to the contemporary era where intimate relationship before marriage is just as common as having a friend in common. We see the openness of the mindset of people living in society in this century. Today, the younger generation assumes to know what is right or wrong for them. Previously, getting intimate before marriage with someone was considered as a sin and people were less-educated towards protected sex before marriage so they felt scared to have sex before marriage. The choice to get intimate before marriage and to live in a live-in-relationship with someone close is a new trend among the younger generation. Younger generation does not have any problem in having such relationships as they know about various pills and contraceptives that are available in the shops to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Let us all be clear on the fact that sex is harmless if done safely and with protection. Like every other type of relationship, there are pros and cons of getting intimate with your partner before and after marriage. Let’s know them one-by-one below


Can Explore Each Other Better

It is true that intimate relationships before marriage makes us familiar with our counterparts ability to handle us and our wildness while enjoying the pleasurable moment. It is also noticeably true that intimate relationships before marriage increases your faith in the person.

If you are in a relationship for a long time, if you are deeply in love with him, if he has no problem getting intimate with you, if there is a lot of trust and faith, then the decision to get intimate before marriage seems to be more favourable. Yes, it is because the process plays a vital role in helping you both to know each other better. It makes the bonding stronger. It also creates a good mutual respect between the couples.

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Can help you Diagnose any Sex Related Problems before Marriage

Intimacy before marriage can help you know about the sex related problems before you essentially enter into a committed sacramental relationship like marriage. You also come to know if you sexually attractive to your partner. Every human being has likings for sexual acts, however only if it is explored properly is when the person will know his/her personal desire for sex. If you or your partner diagnoses any problem during intimacy then it becomes easier for you both to discuss it with each other to solve the problems within time so that you both don’t face or build any further complications after marriage.

Developing Experience

Some people don’t want to get married with someone who behaves like a child. So, it makes sense that before getting settled with this someone permanently, you should know that person completely. You should explore the sexual side as well as other sides before marriage, than suffering these concerning and worrisome stuffs after marriage. It’s better to gain experience in this field before marriage so that you both can be comfortable and enjoy sex life better in future. If the person is not comfortable and pleasured then he/she can go for someone else before forcibly living with one another.

Judging Sexual Compatibility

Let’s admit it that physical intimacy is an uncompromising condition in a married life. Avoiding physical intimacy after marriage due to any issue will create an avoidable distance between the couples and can lead to extra-marital affairs later on. This can become a big cause for extreme consequences like divorce and in some cases suicide. So discovering physical intimacy before marriage will help you to avoid such problems later on.

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After going through some advantages of physical intimacy before marriage, we must also look at some disadvantages of getting intimate before marriage. Let’s look at them one-by-one below


Can Lose Interest

Getting intimate before marriage may make the partners lose interest in each other. Once you enter into a physical relationship before marriage, you may get habitual in sex almost frequently and if it is overdone before marriage, one may lose interest in the very romantic process called sex. So regular sex before marriage may kill the attraction and can make the couple stay away from each other for each other. They can also look for some other person for different kind of adventure and excitement.

Fear of Unwanted Pregnancy

This is one of the significant disadvantages of indulging into sex before marriage. If you don’t take precautions before getting into an intimate relationship before marriage, then you might face the embarrassment of unwanted pregnancy before marriage. It can become troublesome as lot of countries don’t allow abortion without a legal permission. Taking contraceptive pills can also affect your health in the long run, hence you must know this disadvantage judiciously.

Fear of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

We know that a lot of people suffer with Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/ Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases, as nowadays people chose to have sex with multiple partners. Contemporary practice shows that a person who is not satisfied in sex with his/her partner, the person wouldn’t hesitate to try the act with other in pursuance to his/her satisfaction. Some people get addicted to sex after doing it with their partner and if it so happens that the partner at the receiving end lose interest in regular sex then the person who is addicted to sex explore a new journey with other partner to satisfy his/her body need. To satisfy their needs they get intimate with others which can become dangerous for their health and it can also damage the relationship with their partner.

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Fear of Breakup 

There is a constant fear of breakup after getting physical before marriage as one partner may lose interest in the other and can look for another partner if he/she is perfidious. It is seen that breakup after sex has the tendency to worsen the situation as it becomes difficult for the partner to overcome it after getting so much connected emotionally, physically and mentally to the infidel partner. There are growing cases of depression among partners and we are sure that the feeling of left by partner after sex before marriage is a very difficult situation to overcome easily.

Finally, it is advised that the decision to get into an intimate relationship before or after marriage must be taken wisely and judiciously to avoid complications and unwanted problems in a healthy relationship. This article only intends to shed some light on advantages and disadvantages of physical relationship before marriage and the consequences of it. So, make the right decision and live a happy married life. Stay safe and cheerful.