Home NATION Fact Check: Is Union Home Minister Amit Shah diagnosed with Bone Cancer?

Fact Check: Is Union Home Minister Amit Shah diagnosed with Bone Cancer?

The HM Amit Shah, on Saturday, May 9, clarified in a tweet that the news as claimed in the tweet screenshot is absolutely fake and that his health is all fine.

Is Amit Shah diagnosed with bone cancer, amit shah clarified on his health
Is Amit Shah diagnosed with bone cancer?

Social media has, undoubtedly, become a platform for spreading any news speedily and rapidly. However, this expedite news spreading tool comes at a cost. The cost of sharing fake news rapidly and with a lightening speed. One of such case is a screenshot showing an alleged tweet by Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, seeking Muslims’ prayers, during Ramadan, for his health improvement as he, allegedly, is diagnosed with bone cancer.

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The screenshot shows a tweet in Hindi, allegedly, by HM Amit Shah, narrating his absence in the recent time during Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic due to bone cancer that he has been diagnosed with. The tweet screenshot later seeks prayers of Muslims during Ramadan for his health improvement.

“My countrymen, each step taken by me was for the nation’s well-being, I don’t have any personal animosity towards any person belonging to any caste or religion. Due to my deteriorated health condition from past few days, I am unable to serve the citizens of the nation, I feel sad to share with you that I have been diagnosed with bone cancer behind my throat, I hope, during the auspicious month of Ramadan, Muslim community will also pray for my speedy recovery and I’ll be at your service soon,” reads the content written in the tweet purportedly tweeted by HM Amit Shah.

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The tweet screenshot reached one of Ajanta News team members, and we thought to check the authenticity of this alleged tweet from HM Amit Shah. When we started our search, we found few content online whereby it showed that the tweet screenshot is fake. The first and foremost parameter which makes it a piece of scrap is the word limit. When the same content is written in the tweet, it showed more words than that permitted by Twitter in a single tweet.

The next error in this tweet screenshot is the word alignment. As shown below, the words at the left invade the left alignment border. Hence, the tweet screenshot is proved to be nothing but a piece of photo editing.

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fact check on Amit Shah diagnosed with bone cancer
Tweet Comparison

The next in the Investigation is the usage of commas multiple times and the use of full stop once and that too at the end of the content. The grammatical errors in the tweet screenshot is another blunder made by the editor of this Photoshopped screenshot. Also, when checked the timeline of twitter handle of HM Amit Shah, we couldn’t find any such tweet in the timeline. If you thought that this tweet might have been deleted later, then also a clarification would always be given by HM Amit Shah, which again is missing.

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HM Amit Shah, on Saturday, May 9, clarified in a tweet that the news as claimed in the tweet screenshot is absolutely fake and that his health is all fine. In his clarification posted on Twitter, Shah asserted that he did not pay heed to such rumours when it was initially brought to his notice. However, this news started bothering Shah’s patrons and party men. “But since my party workers and well-wishers expressed concern, I couldn’t have disappointed them. This is why I wish to clarify today that I am absolutely fine and have no disease,” stated HM Amit Shah in his tweet on Saturday.

It, therefore, wouldn’t be wrong to say that this tweet screenshot is forged and edited to spread wrong information. Ajanta News appeals to everyone to scrap this post as soon as they receive it from anyone and alert the sender about it’s falsehood.

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The Gujarat police arrested four persons, on Saturday, May 9, in connection with spreading rumours against HM Amit Shah through this Photoshopped tweet screenshot. The four miscreants are identified as Firoz Khan, Abdul Mazid Memon, Sajjad Ali and Shiraz Hussain.