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How Congress MP from Patiala stood for a Mumbai based Law Student during Lockdown, Things to Learn

Preneet Kaur, who is sitting MP from Patiala, former Union Minister and a former MLA from Patiala Urban Vidhan Sabha constituency, immediately came into action for Victim's help.

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Congress MP from Patiala, Preneet Kaur

The nation-wide Lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Tuesday, March 24, brought relief to the nation in fighting the battle against the catastrophic Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). However, this news became troublesome to many who were on a inter-state travel within India. One such case is of a law student, Twinkle Punjabi, from G. J. Advani Law College, Mumbai who was on an urgent travel to Punjab and got stuck in Patiala while returning to Mumbai in the night of Tuesday.

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Twinkle was stopped from moving inter district and asked to arrange for her accomodation nearby. The hardship for Twinkle was to find an accommodation at a completely unknown place. To her dismay, the police officials available there also failed to arrange any accommodation for her and her two female friends who were also on the travel to Punjab.

It wasn’t too late when Ajanta News team got apprised by Twinkle’s plight and we decided to provide help to Twinkle in this difficult time. Our team reached out to Twinkle over the phone call and found out that she has managed to get accomodation in a hotel at Patiala and that she is feared of future challenges as the lockdown is geared in for complete 21 days.

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We decided to speak to the Hotel Manager and enquire about the safety measures the hotel administration is implementing for the inter-state travellers who are taking shelter in their hotel. The hotel manager apprised our team about the locality and the location where Twinkle is located.

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Our team started the enquiry about the location and found out that Capt. Amarinder Singh, who is the sitting Chief Minister of Punjab, is the incumbent Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Patiala where Twinkle is stranded. Multiple attempts to reach Singh failed. Singh’s wife, Preneet Kaur, is the sitting Member of Parliament (MP) from Patiala. Ajanta News team reached out to Kaur immediately and apprised her about Twinkle’s condition.

Kaur, who is a former Union Minister and a former MLA from Patiala Urban Vidhan Sabha constituency, immediately came into action. “As it’s nation wide lockdown, her return to Mumbai seems difficult right now but will help in her safe stay at the hotel where she is and will try to provide every possible help.” assured Kaur while speaking to our Chief Editor on a phone call. She also said that she will speak to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) of the concerned zone to flow in the necessary help to Twinkle and her friends.

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Within minutes after the call finished, our Chief Editor received a call back from Kaur who assured of having spoken to the District Magistrate (DM) who will speak to Twinkle and provide every possible help for her stay in Patiala as well as safe return to Mumbai.

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“I’ve spoken to the DM and have asked him to look into the matter and provide every possible help to Twinkle and her other two (stranded) friends. Please ask Twinkle and her friends to stay calm and do not panic at all. We are with them.,” assured Kaur to our Chief Editor for Twinkle and her two friends.

Kaur is, truly, an example to all the politicians who find excuses to shrink off their responsibilities towards their own people. We thank Kaur for her prompt action and wish to see her directions to the DM and DCP, for Twinkle’s safe stay in Patiala and return to Mumbai, followed seriously. Preneet Kaur has appealed to all the citizens to stay at home and avoid getting into trouble during the nation-wide lockdown.

For all who find themselves in this difficult situation, please follow the instructions from Kaur in her recent tweet.

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