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Madhya Pradesh Political Crisis: Battle for Power Begins

The Congress President for Madhya Pradesh, Abhay Dubey, said that governor may recommend for a floor test but cannot direct the house for the floor test, as per rules.

Madhya Pradesh government topples, Madhya Pradesh may fall, BJP may come in power in Madhya Pradesh
CM Kamal Nath (Left), Jyotiraditya Scindia (Middle) and Shivraj Singh Chauhan (Right)

The political crisis in Madhya Pradesh will see a new horizon, on Monday, as Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) pushes for floor test in the state assembly while the Chief Minister Kamal Nath resorting to dodge the power exercise. The Congress party leader and state CM, Kamal Nath, questioned the constitutionality of the floor test when his 22 rebel Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are sitting “hostages” in Bengaluru and not present in Bhopal.

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“Our MLAs are not being brought to Bhopal and then we are being asked for a floor test. First, give freedom to those MLAs and bring them to Bhopal,” said CM Kamal Nath, quoted ThePrint.

The Congress President for Madhya Pradesh, Abhay Dubey, said that governor may recommend for a floor test but cannot direct the house for the floor test, as per rules. “The governor, under the rule, can definitely send a message, which he has done, but it is the house that has the right under the Constitution to decide on the future course,” said Dubey when asked about the floor test on Monday. Dubey, though, dodged from giving any direct answer for the confirmation on floor test on Monday. He said that the floor test will be decided by the speaker.

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The Governor of the state, Lalji Tandon, has sent a letter to CM Kamal Nath asking for a floor test to be convened on Monday to prove the latter’s majority in the assembly. However, the suspicion still remain intact if the floor test will be convened on Monday. As per the business schedule of the assembly house issued by the Vidhan Sabha secretariat, there is mentioning of governor’s speech and vote of thanks but no mentioning of the floor test.

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The state is experiencing political crisis after staunch Congress party leader, Jyotiraditya Scindia, resigned from his primary membership of Congress party last week. After he resigned, 22 Congress MLAs also resigned which included 6 cabinet ministers. The rebel MLAs were in Bengaluru when they sent their resignation letter to Kamal Nath. The MLAs also came strong in a video claiming that their decision doesn’t include any coercion or influence.

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The Madhya Pradesh assembly has 230 seats out of which 2 seats are vacant due to the deaths of the incumbents. This brought the number to 228. The Congress party has 114 MLAs while BJP is reserved on 107 seats. However, with the resignation of 22 rebel MLAs, and 6 of them being accepted by Kamal Nath, the total seats in the house has shrinked to 222. The majority mark needed by any party is now 112.

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With 107 MLAs already in the assembly house and alleged joining of Congress’ 16+ revel MLAs, BJP is likely to cross the majority mark required currently in the house. This will collapse the Congress government in the state while paving ways for the BJP to hold the throne. It is, thus, very crucial to see if BJP succeeds in the state to form its government after the floor test convenes in the house as asked by the governor, Lalji Tandon.

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