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10 Reasons to Never Repent for Living Life as Single

When asked, people of all the age groups from teenagers to senior citizens, there has been a surprising response saying, "It is always better to be single and happy than being married and complaining." Well, this issue is totally an independent and unconditional.

Relationship, Reasons to live single life
Reasons to live single life

Researches state that life as a single is better than life in commitment, though there are research works making counter claims. The stereotype of ‘being committed’, ‘being married’ or ‘being in a relationship’ is now taking a down toll. Researches state that people today prefer being single more than being committed. When asked, people of all the age groups from teenagers to senior citizens, there has been a surprising response saying, “It is always better to be single and happy than being married and complaining.” Well, this issue is totally an independent and unconditional. People have varied experiences with relationships and dealing with commitments. But after a thorough research, it has been found that majority of the overall world population is now fine with the idea of living life as a ‘single’.

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There were numerous valid reasons from people, but fewer of those I found very precise and as a matter of fact true. Let’s know them here

#1. Single people are less stressed than married or committed people

Single people have fewer issues as they only have to deal with themselves. This leads to less stress and less concern. Though, these claims may be retorted by the people happily enjoying their committed or being in a relationship class.

#2. Single people have lesser responsibilities than married people

Though, those being a relationship may split into two, while one agreeing to this claim while another opposing it. Once you are committed to someone, for obvious reasons get tangled into a bondage, visible-invisible. Whereas being single only keeps you tied to your own limited responsibilities.

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#3. Single people are happier

Of course, committed people are happy too but, single people are much happier due to various reasons. They have their own space to spare, their own time to spend, their freedom to live and ‘freedom’ is never dispirited.

#4. Single people are more successful than married

As discussed earlier, people who are single have fewer stresses, responsibilities and can thus stay focused in whatever they do. They can give in their sole attention to their work and can thus help themselves grow professionally at a better pace compared to married people. Though, those married or in a relationship, may also argue that without a perfect partner, no one can win the challenges of life and become successful.

#5. Single people are financially balanced than married

People who live single have lesser investments, lesser expenses and fewer financial burdens than people who are married. Thus, they have higher chances of being financially stable.

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#6. Single people are more socially active

When you’re married or committed, your role as an individual widens and you get tied up with several commitments in your relationship. This leads to a diversion from the social life. Whereas, ‘single’ people have no such commitments and can give their time to their close ones, friends, acquaintances, etc. thus being more socially available.

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#7. Single people have time for themselves (‘Me time’)

Single people are not answerable to anyone/obliged to anyone, not like in the married or being in a relationship, atleast. They can, at point of time, decide to pick up their backpacks and go on solo trips, outings, do things they want, pursue their passions without having to think about the other person and his/her comfortability/acceptance.

#8. Single people can make easy and quick decisions

Single people have less commitments for relationship stuff, than the ones in a relationship. Thus, their decisions are independent and do not rely on any other individuals. Thus, helping them make decisions faster.

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#9. Single people tackle problems in a better way and are less depressed

Since they’re independent and have their own way of living, they have a larger set of confidants which increase their potential of solving issues without complications. Though, we still think that those in relationship can tackle problem efficiently because of the presence of a partner.

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#10. Single people live longer

Well, we don’t claim this. As per studies, single people have less risk of heart diseases and other factors like blood pressure, etc. Therefore, their chances of living longer is more than that of married people.

According to the above discussed reasons, we can reach to a conclusion that one should never repent for living life as a single. Every object in this world has multiple faces, good and bad. The only way to cope with it is to be happy and satisfied in whatever state we are in. Competing, progressing and being sorted with own self is the key to happiness. Any tag should not be the reason for regret or dejection. Self-worth and self-love are the two main pillars to a happy life.

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Disclaimer: The above claims and opinions are result of studies and theory available in the public domain. Ajanta News advise it’s readers to consult a professional relationship expert before relying to any of the above information.

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