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7 Key Fashion Tips for Guys and Girls at Teenage

Since every teen follows fashion trend so rigorously and wants to be a Fashionista,  they must keep somethings in mind which would help teens look more of a trendy person.

Teen Fashion Tips,
Teen Fashion Tips

The teenage is quite confusing when it comes to choosing between options, be it a choice for career or clothing or anything. Fashion makes teens more confused as that’s a very daunting task. They want to look fab but they try some bizarre fashion style and end up becoming a fashion disaster. Being fashionable is quite important for a teen. They have a tendency of going through the way of fashion and trends and follow it blindly. When it comes to styling, they prefer to go through the options which are trending in fashion and comfortable too. Some of the teens follow fashion trend so much that they keep an eye at every latest fashion revelation and quickly apply them on them first. It’s not that they can’t apply the fashion trend that they see around but if they end up wearing adult fashion wear then the charm of being a teen will disappear in no time. Hence, it is important for them to choose only those fashion wear that will look good and suit them.

Since every teen follows fashion trend so rigorously and wants to be a Fashionista,  they must keep somethings in mind which would help teens look more of a trendy person. Let’s pen down the tips tailored for guys and girls at their teenage, that will make hundreds of heads turn to them when they go out

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1. Layering is always in fashion and that’s a trend that teens love too. Wanting a perfect teen look? Go for layering. For a perfect layering look, first go with a light basic tee then a cardigan or sweater, and then a jacket or coat. Also don’t forget to put on some fashion accessories to complement your overall look.

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2. Teen girls must go for more of short dresses as during their teenage, they have beautiful toned legs. They can flaunt them being in a comfortable zone too. Go for options of cute jumpers and hot pants for more comfort and abstraction.

3. Teen boys, you must have a great collection of apparels. From a basic tee to graphic ones, different coloured style suits to a variety of v-neck t-shirts, you must have all in your wardrobe. T-shirts look cooler than shirts on guys in their teenage. If you are fair in complexion then go for dark colored printed tees and wear them on short pants or denim pants. This will enhance your overall look.

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4. Fashion accessories should be owned by all teens, be it a girl or a boy. Boys must have varieties of watches, belts, fancy socks and caps, whereas a girl can own many things like anklets, chokers, silver earrings, vibrant pair of glasses, stylish pins, bags, bracelets, etc. These accessories help you attract compliments for your look, even if you are wearing a simple attire.

5. Sneakers and casual shoes at teenage make you somebody with fashion understanding, and if you are a teen, it’s a crime if you don’t own renowned branded shoes. A teen is identified by their shoes and footwear, as they are the ones who go for branded fashionable footwear. Different footwear for different occasions like a separate pair of shoes for parties and separate for college, choose your ones wisely before becoming the joke of the town.

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6. Perfectly shaped dresses are must for your comfort. Don’t go with those options that are out of your comfort zone and make you feel less confident wearing them. Just ensure that your outfit is neither very tight nor very loose, as both will embarrass you in your gang.

7. Sling bags and backpack compliment your look if it’s full vibrant colored and printed. Don’t go with options of other bags that will make your taste look odd at your age. Choose fashion centric accessories and if it’s bags, always be choosy and take ample time before choosing for you.

So, these were some of the guidelines or tips that a teen must keep in mind in order to make a balance between the trend and comfort.

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