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20 Funny Lines Street-side Romeos use to Woo Girls

There are few roadside Romeo's who stare at girls, try to flirt with them, pass some bad comments on their body shapes, their skin color or height and move on. And sometimes they comment some funny cheesy lines to get noticed. These lines are picked up either from a Bollywood movie or a Bollywood song.

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India is quite known for eve teasing and harassment, and this has led to the blackening of India’s image internationally. However, the nation’s administration has tried it’s best to make the nation a safe place for the citizens. Talking about eve teasing, one can find road ride romeos everywhere, especially, near schools, colleges and sometime the eve teasers stalk the girl to know her address. Once they know her address, they start coming to her area and keep a watch on her daily routine. This leads to the risk and may cost a high price to the girl as this could be dangerous. Whereas, there are few roadside Romeo’s who stare at girls, try to flirt with them, pass some bad comments on their body shapes, their skin color or height and move on. And sometimes they comment some funny cheesy lines to get noticed. These lines are picked up either from a Bollywood movie or a Bollywood song. We thought of highlighting such 20 funny cheesy lines used by some eve teasers or roadside romeos. Let’s look at them

1. Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga (When I Saw This One Girl I Feel Like..)

This line is used by Shah Rukh Khan in the movie ‘Main Hoon Na’ released in 2004. He sings this line with music whenever he sees Sushmita Sen in the movie. After this movie, this song became popular among romeos and used by many roadside romeos for girls. This song, essentially, is from the movie “1942 – A Love Story”, starring Anil Kapoor and Manisha Koirala which was released in the year 1994.

2. Chalti Hai Kya 9 se 12 (Would you come for a movie show 9-12)

This line is taken from an evergreen song from Salman Khan starrer ‘Judwa’. From that time itself, this song has become very popular among romeos. We can say that this line is the first one that a romeo uses on a girl before any other lines. Since David Dhawan has recreated the movie with his son, Varun Dhawan, with the title “Judwa 2” in 2017, this song has become all the more popular. Some girls react to this line by giving weird expressions or by commenting back to it sarcastically.

3. Tu Meri Chhammak Challo (You’re my Chammak Chhallo (another word for partner))

Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Ra.One’ movie was reportedly a disaster on box office but the song ‘Chammak Challo’ made an influential impact on everyone. The song was sung by Akon in Hindi for the first time in his life which created a buzz in India. But this song is used by romeos whenever they see a girl in traditional wear. The line may or may not impress a girl.

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4. Aati Kya Khandala (Would You come to Khandala with me?)

The line is taken from the most popular song from the movie “Ghulam” starring Amir Khan and Rani Mukerji in the year 1998. The line is very popular among romeos and often used to propose a girl for outing. The reaction to this line is a mix, some laugh while some slap the comment maker.

5. Lal Dupatte Wali Tera Naam Toh Bataa (May I know your name?)

This line is being used whenever a guy sees a girl with the red scarf or the dupatta and to know her name, this is often used. The line is taken from the song in the movie ‘Aakhen’, 1993 starring Govinda, Chunkey Pandey, Raageshwari and Shilpa Shirodkar.

6. Jadoo Teri Nazar..( Your Gaze is Magical)

In the movie “Darr”, Shah Rukh Khan could be seen stalking Juhi Chawla and the line is from the song ‘Jadoo Teri Nazar’ in the movie. The actor has played the role of a psycho lover and this makes the movie a ‘not so good’ movie for the youngsters. However, the romeos may get influenced by Shah Rukh Khan to use this line to impress girls. The movie ‘Darr’ was released in the year 1993 but still the song is quite famous.

7. Dekha Jab Se Hai Chehra Tera, Main Toh Hafto Se Soya Nahi… (Since I’ve seen your face, I’ve lost my sleep)

This line is from the song “Bol Do Na Zara” from the movie ‘Azhar’. This line is used to pretend that the romeo is truly and madly in love with the girl so that she get impressed with him. However, this may have a disastrous repercussion from the girl side.

8. Ye Chand Sa Roshan Chehra…(Your Face Glows Like a moon)

This line is from the song which is one of the oldest songs from the 1964 released in ‘Kashmir ki Kali’. The movie stars veteran actor, Shammi Kapoor, who sings this song when he sees Sharmila Tagore in the movie. This song has been recreated in the movie ‘Student Of The Year’.

9. Dekha Hazaro Dafa Aapko Fir Beqarari Kaisi Hai..(I have seen you thousands of times, then why this restlessness)

This is taken from the most romantic song from the movie ‘Rustom’ released in 2016 starring Akshay Kumar and Ileana D’cruz. This song is the favorite song since the time the movie has released. This is another line to impress a girl as this song is being loved by many.

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10. Mere saamne wali Khidki Me ek Chand sa tukda rehta hai (A moon like beautiful girl stays across my house)

This line is from the song in the movie ‘Padosan’ starring Sunil Dutt and Saira Bano, the leading pair in the 1968 released movie. This line is sung when the girl is either across the window of the Romeo or is in the neighborhood.

11. Ruk Ja O Dil Deewane (Stop Oh!! Robber Of My Heart)

‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayege’ is one of the most romantic movies of 90’s that every youngster loved. The line is taken from a song from this super-duper blockbuster movie and has inspired many romeos to use this line to woo a girl. The line is used when a girl passes the guy and the guy has to stop the girl to impress the girl. Most of the girls like this movie so much that some girls may blush or giggle on this line, while some may even pose a sarcastic or an angry look.

12. Aaja Meri Gaadi mein Baith Ja (Come and Sit in my Car)

The guy with a car or a bike keeps following her desired girl and asks her to come and sit in his vehicle for a long drive in the car or the ride on his bike. This song is of Baba Sehgal from the movie “Miss 420” which was released in 1998.

13. Kala Chashma Jazda Ve, Jazda ve Thuadde Mukhde Ve (Black Glasses suits your fair face)

This line is being used when the girl is wearing a black color sun glasses/goggles. This may just be ignored or a strange look from the girl may be expected.

14. Tujhe Dekha Toh Ye Jaana Sanam (On seeing You, I have learned this Sweetheart)

Another song from DDLJ that is most popular among youth since years, is the next in our list. The line is from a song from the movie ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’. This is the most common dialogue used by roadside romeos.

15. Tera Dhyaan Kidar Hai k Tera Hero Idhar Hai (Where is Your Attention, your Hero Is Here)

This line is from a song from one of the most funny romantic movies ‘Main Tera Hero’. Audience loved this movie due to the cute and funny acting by Varun Dhawan and this has inspired many romeos to woo girls using this line.

16. Main tera Boyfriend, Tu meri Girlfriend (I am Your boyfriend, You Are My Girlfriend)

This line is from the song in the movie ‘Raabta’ released in 2017. The movie might have failed to make a huge collection but the song wooed many people’s heart. And became a slang too. This line directly means that the guy is falling for the girl and expresses his feeling. When it comes to reaction from girls, some would slap while some may giggle and leave.

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17. Ban Meri Rani (Become My Queen)

This line is very popular today as it means that the guy would do anything for the girl to make her happy, to be with him. This line is from a song from the movie ‘Tumhari Sulu’ starring Vidhya Balan.

These were the songs that are used to impress girls by roadside romeos. Now there are some dialogues that are also used to try to talk to her, ask for her number, etc.

18. Suno… mere dil me reh rahi ho jo itne dino se uska rent kab dogi? (Listen.. when will you give rent for staying in my heart)

When a guy tries to talk to a girl, he uses this dialogue so that she would respond to him. He might also ask only for the rent to get a reply from the girl. Some may just approach a girl and say “Give me my rent” and the girl may give a weird look and reply with a question “which rent” and then comes this line as  reply to her. This can lead to start their conversation and can also make girl blush or atleast a smile. However, beware guys, this may lead to harassment and sometimes lead to a criminal offence.

19. Agar yeh tujhse pyaar karti hai toh yeh palat ke dekhegi (If she loves you, She will turn back to see you)

The most famous dialogue from the movie DDLJ again. In the movie, Shah Rukh Khan says this dialogue to himself while contemplating but today romeos pretend to say it to himself but they say it louder so that she can hear it. Because this movie has been loved by many and it being so popular, the guy may really expect the girl to turn back as she has already heard it. Some girls turn to see but some ignore the romeo.

20. Bhai, Bhabhi mil gayi (Brother!! I found your sister-in-law)

This line is used in ‘Munnabhai MBBS’ and this is used when a beautiful girl passes by and the guy likes her, tells his friend that he found his sister-in-law for him, the friend will ask “who is she?” then the guy would say pointing on that girl.