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6 Selfies that can cause your Death

This selfie culture has ruined many lives. People, especially, teenagers try to capture selfies at the most dangerous places ‘just for fun’ and to post them on social media by captioning something like #dangerousselfie, #beingrisky, etc. Thus the word ‘selfie’ can also be known as ‘killfie’ as many people lose their lives during the ‘selfie-mania’.

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Selfie Kills

‘Let me take a selfie first’ is the statement in trend these days. Selfies are self-portraits of ourselves which serve the purpose of remembrance of any special moment, happening or situations. Basically it’s a photograph taken by ourselves through smartphones, webcams, etc where one can see the background easily. In today’s era where smartphones are in wide use, capturing selfies has become a trend among youth which is colloquially called ‘selfie culture’ and which has widen itself among people gradually. It is thus considered as a viral disease with no cure.

People love capturing themselves wherever they go, then be it on hills or plain, or might be near a sea to mark their memory. They feel that uploading selfies on social media handles is the best way to show your adventurous and fun side to others. However, enjoyment comes within you or by making your day memorable and not by clicking or posting selfies.

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This selfie culture has ruined many lives. People, especially, teenagers try to capture selfies at the most dangerous places ‘just for fun’ and to post them on social media by captioning something like #dangerousselfie, #beingrisky, etc. Thus the word ‘selfie’ can also be known as ‘killfie’ as many people lose their lives during the ‘selfie-mania’. India is ranked with highest number of deaths due to this ‘selfie-mania’. We thought of highlighting places which are meant to cause you death if you dare to take a selfie around them. Let’s look at them

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1. Mountain

Mountain selfie, Mountain dangerous selfie, selfie risk at mountain
Mountain selfie

Selfies taken at mountain peak could be one’s last selfie. People who choose to take adventurous selfies going closer to the peak of any mountain, they may lose their lives due to this high risk taking step. A sudden movement at these places may result in a mishap that can cause sudden death of the person, in some case, search operation for the dead body is too daunting. Deaths on mountains are caused during trekking, climbing, or a sudden slide while being at end of the peak.

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2. Dams

Dam Selfie

‘Capturing yourself being surrounded by water’ is the best capture one can have. Stand on a rock and pose for a selfie while the dam is open is a craze almost everyone of us have in us but any wrong step may lead to a disastrous death. What if the water level rise and you get no time to control yourself, you will find yourself at the water surface dead. Many deaths are reported at several dams, especially, during monsoon. People taking selfies at open dams usually drown due to a sudden increase in the water level and due to their incapability to make a move towards land and were also unable to be rescued by other people there.

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3. Trains

Train Track Selfie, Train Track Selfie danger, danger selfie near train track
Train Track Selfie

Posing for train track selfie has also been listed as a major reason for ‘Killfies’.  People are so lost in the screen of their smartphones capturing themselves that they don’t notice the train coming from behind. And in the very next moment, something tragic happens costing them their life which is irreversible.

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4. Sea Shore

Sea Shore Selfies, Sea Shore danger selfie, killfies near sea shore
Sea Shore Selfies

Taking selfies close to a beach going too much inside the water level have caused deaths of many as the current of the wave whirl the water and give no chance to the victim to control. The victims with swimming experience may also be unable to handle themselves which causes deaths. Some had even dared to play around while there is high tide alert in the sea and have got a befitting reply from the nature. People must understand the risk involved if they choose to go too much into the water at the sea shore.

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5. Near Dangerous Beasts

Near Dangerous Beasts, selfie danger with snake, snake selfie killing,
Selfie with dangerous Beasts

A worrying trend of taking selfies with animals specially huge and wild animals has led to attacks, with few even dying due to it. The animals suddenly attack at them which results in on the spot death of some while some are left badly injured.

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6. Plunge from Cliff

Plunge from Cliff, cliff selfies, selfie at cliff, cliff selfies
Plunge from Cliff

People are subjected to death while they are posing at the cliff of the mountains. To have a better background in the ‘selfies’, most individuals cross the safety barrier in excitement and slip to ground from meters above the surface. The craze to show your adventurous side to the world through ‘Selfies’ may lead to make you to the list of deaths due to selfies.

It’s better to watch your steps next time before taking a selfie around any of the above mentioned places. Because you never know, it could be your last selfie if not taken with precautions. Use of selfie stick is much recommended in the cases where the normal arm range is below the expectation.

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