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Congress praises Rahul Gandhi’s speech in the Lok Sabha, BJP emphasizes on facts: More Updates

The Congress tried attacking BJP and NDA alliance on issues ranging from GST to Demonetisation to the foreign policy. In response, the Minister of Home Affairs, Rajnath singh emphasized on how the economy of the nation has increased.

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No Confidence Motion Debate/LSTV

A high voltage drama was witnessed in the Lok Sabha house during the attack and counter attack session during No Confidence Motion debate between the Opposition parties and the ruling party, BJP. No confidence motion is a motion proposed in a parliament or assembly to give members a chance to express their confidence on the government. A vote for no confidence proposed by opposition may even lead to resignation by the government. It was first proposed in 1963 by J.B. Kriplani. The Congress tried attacking BJP and NDA alliance on issues ranging from GST to Demonetisation to the foreign policy. In response, the Minister of Home Affairs, Rajnath Singh emphasized on how the economy of the nation has increased. “By 2030, India will be among the top 3 economies in the world. During the 10 years of UPA rule, the rate of inflation surpassed GDP growth,” said Rajnath Singh. Responding to the Opposition’s attack on Foreign Policy, Rajnath said, “India recently joined the elite Missile Technology Control Regime, while even countries like China couldn’t get membership,”

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After 15 years, parliament is again facing a stage of no confidence voting. Modi’s government is facing it’s first no confidence voting on Friday, 20 July 2018. “The house will take up on the debate on Friday, July 20. The discussion will be held for the full day, followed by voting on it,” said speaker Sumitra Mahajan. Ahead of debate on no confidence motion in Lok Sabha, on Thursday, all departments and central ministries were directed to prepare a list of Modi Government’s achievements of past 4 years. The no confidentce motion was sponsored by the opposition parties, who have brought the issues like cow vigilantism, mob lynchings, atrocities against women, etc. in the highlight.

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Despite having less number in Lok Sabha, the opposition was desperate to have this motion. Congress said that this is not just about number, they will use this occasion to ‘expose’ the ‘failures’ of the government. But Modi Government was very sure that they’ll win. “We won’t give up even one hour before since people have given us a mandate for 5 years,”, said a top BJP leader.

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All the eyes popped out for a moment when Congress President, Rahul Gandhi attacked the government on many issues keeping an eye contact with PM Modi throughout his speech and started walking towards him. He went to PM Modi, and hugged him and later started walking off to his seat when PM Modi caught his sleeve and called him back. There was exchange of some words followed by Modi patting Rahul’s back and Rahul Gandhi went back to his seat smiling. It was few seconds that everyone could digest this episode when Gandhi winked at his fellow colleagues which attracted a strong admonishment from the speaker, Sumitra Mahajan. “Not opposed to hug but decorum of the house must be maintained,” said Mahajan.

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The hidden agenda behind giving consent to this motion by Modi is that they are confident that they won’t be losing it. The government gave it’s consent for no confidence motion moved by opposition on the opening day of Monsoon Session in the Parliament. They accepted that BJP and it’s allies have 315 members in the 535 members of Lok Sabha, well passed the majority mark of 268 members. They have spoken to other parties for their support in this motion and is confident for Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) and AIADMK backing them. Shiv Sena chief Uddhav Thackeray has already pledged his support to BJP said Amit Shah. However, reports state that Shiv Sena will walk out before the voting.

Launching attack by opposition on Modi government in the televised debate will fetch attention nationally, and this will show public the government’s report of past 4 years which could be used as a tool for the 2019 election. Modi government had also planned a counter-attack on opposition, especially congress, on India becoming a “Hindu Pakistan” remark by Shashi Tharoor and Rahul Gandhi’s statement that “Congress is a Muslim party”. Rajnath Singh took a dig at Congress party on Shashi Tharoor’s remark of BJP’s agenda of making India a ‘Hindu Pakistan’. He also clarified on the opposition’s allegation of BJP government not serious on Mob Lynching incidents. “Mob Lynching incidents are very unfortunate and I asked state governments to make strictest of laws against it but I would like to tell people who are raising these issues that the biggest case of mob lynching happened during 1984 Sikh genocide,” said Rajnath Singh.

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The debate was scheduled to begin at 11a.m and continue at a stretch of 7 hours, without a lunch break, however the session got adjourned couple of times. The lunch and dinner are arranged together tonight.

09.20pm – PM Modi starts his speech in Lok Sabha and addresses the legislative assembly in Lok Sabha
09.25pm – PM Modi says, “Humko toh apni baat kehne ka mauka mil hi raha hai par desh ko yeh bhi dekhne ko mila hai ki kaisi nakaratmak rajneeti ne kuch logon ko gher ke rakha hua hai, kaise vikaas ke prati virodh ka bhaav hai”
09.29pm – PM Modi takes a jibe at Rahul Gandhi’s remark of PM incapable of making an eye contact with him. He said that a common man like him cannot dare to eye at him. He said that he knows what Congress party did to Subhash Chandra Bose and Syama Prasad Mukherjee for eyeing at them.
10.30pm – No confidence motion collapsed
11.09pm – Voting for division of NDA alliance was carried out using the electronic voting system. 325 voted against the division while only 125 voted in favour of the division.

We will keep you updated about the latest happening throughout during the session.