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10 Lessons For a Girl Entering Into a Relationship

You can't be too dependent on each other. It's acceptable when you're facing a horrible day and just want your guy to be there for you but this becomes a problem when you both start depending on each other. It isn't about what if he's not there some day, it's about how you should know to handle yourself even when he's not there.


It’s sometimes just so frustrating and confusing for a girl in a relationship. We might have seen relationships failure after being together for long and also  witness a relationship failing right from the commencement of it. Relationships can fail for various reasons but what we fail to understand is the efforts put in to build that relationships. So many sacrifices from both, girl and boy to get into the relationship and continue it. So the need of the hour is to learn atleast these 10 lessons before getting into a relationship. The 110 lessons are highlighted below

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1. You should know that being single for a time especially for a long period of time kind of makes solitude comfortable. It becomes a little difficult after a while to adjust with a new person in your life when you have to share a part of your day with him because you’re accustomed to spending it alone with your favourite stuff.

2. The point of compromise is quite clear. When it’s the two of you, it can’t be just one person adjusting or compromising, both of you will have to put in equal efforts. It doesn’t mean you have to lose yourself in this but definitely don’t be too rigid enough to any adjustments.

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3. Men need their own space. It’s actually very irritating when you constantly taunt your man over him spending time with his friends or games or anything. Men require a space out from constantly having to talk to you and this doesn’t mean he loves you any less. Just as you want time with your female friends for your gossip stuff and everything, your boyfriend needs the same with his guy friends too.

4. It isn’t always going to be rosy. One thing that a lot of people get upset about is how their relationship isn’t always rosy or sparkling. I accept that we’re all greedy for happy moments but let’s face it, it isn’t always possible right. There are going to be bad days and good days too. It’s on us how we handle them. It doesn’t have to imply that you completely lose the spark in your relationship but it’s kind of silly when you get upset over some days where your boyfriend was a little busier than usual.

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5. Date nights are important. Never underestimate the significance of a date night. Ditch that habit of always meeting up and hanging out or just simply watching tv and having snacks. Go on a date, anywhere you like. Do something fun and romantic together. It’s nice to break the routine occasionally and it keeps your relationship fresh. Plus it also gives you good memories when you’re having a rough day.

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6. You can’t be too dependent on each other. It’s acceptable when you’re facing a horrible day and just want your guy to be there for you but this becomes a problem when you both start depending on each other. It isn’t about what if he’s not there some day, it’s about how you should know to handle yourself even when he’s not there. It’s not bad to take your own individual responsibility.

7. Something that we quite often find ourselves quoting is that opposites attract. While this might sound pleasing, it’s not always true. Complete opposites won’t even have a good topic to start with. It’s always nice to have a person who has the same interests as you while being opposite in basic traits like that of anger/calm or quiet/impulsive.

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8. We often base our judgements on a person by their first impressions on us. However, let me remind you that first impressions are quite deceptive. Everyone tries appearing their best when meeting for the first time. It is only after spending a certain amount of time with them that they truly start to uncover themselves. Wait for it. Take things slow. Reserve your judgements for later whether you’d be compatible or no.

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9. We have this misconception that relationships tend to solve problems. That’s not true. Relationships cannot solve problems even if it is your problem of loneliness. Yes, one person can be significant to you in possibly every manner but they still won’t solve all your problems. That’s when you’d realize that you have to be independent enough to take control. Moreover, if you’re just not ready for a relationship because of issues in your life, it is wrong to be getting into one just to watch it end horribly.

10. It’s not necessary all relationships last. Sometimes it is just bound to fail. There are relationships that fail after years. The important thing to remember is that a breakup is not the end of the world. Yes, the breakup will ring an emotional turmoil for you and yes, you’d take time to recover yourself but it won’t end for you there. It’s important to get back up and not give in or lose hope.

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