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6 Things Girls Do in Washroom Nobody Knows

A girl went to the washroom to pee at the first place. So it's the first thing she's doing. This is pretty obvious.

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Girls in Washroom
As a woman, one of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked is what do girls do in the washroom? And I’m pretty sure this is one question that has boggled men for years. What do women do in the washroom? What’s so interesting in there that we travel in packs and go in groups?


Worry not, I’ll clear all of your doubts in this article. Presenting to you the top 6 things that most women do in the washroom. (Sometimes alone and sometimes in packs)


1. Their Business


This is pretty obvious. A girl went to the washroom to pee at the first place. So it’s the first thing she’s doing. She’ll do her business, you can be assured of that. Another business that needs to be taken care of is Period. Maybe we need a pad. Maybe we just suddenly got our period. Girl-friends are a huge help here when you are going through a mood swing and a sudden period simultaneously.

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2. Gossip


Girls love to gossip. It’s one of our favourite things to do. And there’s just some connection that women have with the washroom that brings out all the secrets and interesting conversations. Gossips about that girl we hate, or the new couple in the group, someone’s bad choices of clothing…..the topics to gossip are just endless.


3. Boy Gossip


Don’t be mistaken this with the other gossips. These are literally two different concepts for women. Gossips exist on various people and various topics that do no include one particular guy in every woman’s life. Boy gossip is just a conversation that we have with our girl-friends asking them for an advice or even giving it. Advices on boy matters. Should I date him? Should I just have a friends with benefits? What does he mean by this text? What should I reply? How is your life with that guy? OMG, do you know who text me last night?


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4. Primping


Duh. Women and makeup are a connection made in heaven. It’s like men and video games. Honestly women will start getting conscious about their appearance after a while of not checking themselves in the mirror. It’s almost involuntary. We go to the restroom to check ourselves in the mirror. Look at how we’ve been looking for the past hour. Do we look good. Do we look fat? Do we need a touchup? Do I need to correct my dress? Should I change my heels? It’s important to us. 😉

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5. Camera Wow


It isn’t difficult to point out that women have an extraordinary relationship with their cameras. That little devil is going to be carried around everywhere. It becomes of paramount importance to us when we are dressed up. Selfies, photos, belfies, everything. There’s some magic in a restroom light that literally makes our picture 100% more beautiful. So there’s no chance women leave the opportunity of taking a photo in the restroom.


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6. Quiet Time


Sometimes it just gets tiring hanging out with a group and you just need an escape. Maybe alone or maybe with just one of your girl-friends. What better place to escape than a restroom? It’s quiet, it has a mirror where you can look and examine yourself, give yourself the confidence to go out and hang out with your friends back. It’s like a perfect little room to encourage and boost up your confidence.


So, hope you are content with my brief revelation about what we do in a washroom, restroom or in a toilet. This may be of utmost interest to others and we are happy about it. 😛 See you in the next article.



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