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6 Fruits Which Depict Sensuous Body Parts

Nature has gifted us with some fruits which look-alike our sensuous body parts. In this article, we are talking about these fruits which depict some or the other private parts of our human body.

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Fruits Look-alike Sensuous Body Parts
Ever saw a fruit and, suddenly, wondered it looked like some sensuous human body part? Happens to all of us and honestly, there are literally some fruits that look like genitalia or if I can be modest, look like sensuous human body parts. Let’s understand nature’s way of giving us some hilarious fruits along with hilarious genitalia. So let me take you on a tour of 6 fruits that don’t just accidentally look like sensuous body parts but they are actually known for replicating those parts too.


1. Banana

Banana Depicts Penis, Banana Depicts Penis?, Banana Depicts Penis image
Banana Depicts Penis?

You knew this was on our list. This calcium rich fruit depicts a penis evidently enough that people just cannot stop joking about it. The classic erotic fruit I tell you. This nutrition rich fruit isn’t just talked for it’s health benefits but, Ahem Ahem, for it’s look-alike to men’s genital.

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2. Apple

Apple Depicts Butts, Apple Depicts Butts image, Apple Depicts ass, Apple Depicts ass image
Apple Depicts Butts?

The shape of an apple somewhat looks like a butt. There’s also something very sexual with the way people eat an apple. Carnal sin? Very much. I mean it wasn’t just Adam and Eve attracted to an apple but many of us. It does become a part of our joke to depict a perfect shaped butts of a lady. However, some may not find any relevance to it.


3. Peach

Peach Depicts Ass, Peach Depicts Butt, Peach Depicts Ass Hole, Peach Depicts sensuous body part
Peach Depicts Ass?

There’s something so good about a peach representing an ass (specifically women) that people use it on chats sexually. That soft smooth peach is a quintessential depiction of a sexy butt with clear indication of an ass hole in it. Peach isn’t just in our sexual talks but it is also very useful in sex life too. Peach is rich in Vitamin C which helps in sperm generation in men. So ladies out there, ask your men to eat it regularly for a better result in conceiving a healthy baby.

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4. Avocado

Avacado Depicts Testicles, Avacado Depicts vagina, Avacado Depicts testicles image
Avacado Depicts Testicles?

The word Avocado comes from a Nahuatl Indian (Aztec) word “ahuácatl” meaning testicle. Although it looks less like a testicle and more like a vagina when opened up. Not just the look but it is also beneficial health wise. Reports state that good intake of Avocado increases libido and energy in men, and hence, it may look like a vagina but is beneficial for men.



5. Melons

Melons Depict Breasts, Melons Depict Breasts image, Melons Depict tits, Melons Depict women breasts
Melons Depict Breasts?

Melons, a fruit that never goes out of topic when sex humour is involved. Melons on the outside pretty much look like breasts but, inside they look like an opening of a vagina. So it’s like a double shot, ain’t it? 😉

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6. Fig

Fig Depicts Testicles, Fig Depicts Testicles image,
Fig Depicts Testicles?

A great fruit from the erotic medieval times. This fruit also grows in pairs which represents a man’s testicles. Also, according to a lot of claims, the seeds of a fig when opened, looks a bit too much like sperms. Isn’t it an interesting fact to know today that fig look like our men’s testicles. Health wise, reports state that a mixture of boiled milk and fig can increase sexual stamina of a man. So, what are you waiting for, go and flood your kitchen with figs if you want to last longer on bed with your partner.



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