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Top 6 Fancy-Yet-Yummy Foods to Click Selfies With

If you are wondering about the most instagrammable food items that you can take selfies with, then worry not, because we are here to guide you. We have a list of foods that will entice you to take selfies with. Check out here

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Food Selfies
Most millennials are familiar with the thrill of snapping selfies with their favourite cuisines at famous restaurants. #foodgasm #foodporn are some of the hashtags full of selfies with foods. These hashtags don’t just make your tummy shudder but also is a great way to garner likes!


With the entry of Instagram, the selfie crazy foodies leave no moment to snap them with their favourite cuisines and upload, in desire of most number of likes. Now, if you are wondering about the most instagrammable food items that you can take selfies with, then worry not, because we are here to guide you. Check out this list which will not only squirm your appetite but also wake up the selfie crazy monster in you


1. Mud Pots

If you ever had the dream of feasting on mud, here’s the dish for you. Made up of oreos and loads of chocolate, this is the dish that doesn’t need a filter at all. Available at Colaba Socials, Mud Pots is one dish that will leave no stone unturned in calming your taste buds and satisfy them as well. Take a selfie with it and post it on your social media network to get flooded with likes and comments.

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2. Black Ice Cream

Now finally, you have an ice cream that looks fancy to click with. Don’t think so? Let me tell you why! The black ice cream cone available at ‘Icekraft’ Mumbai is called ‘Triple Threat’ and is prepared with edible black charcoal sauce. Totally picturesque and great in taste, is all you need to click a picture perfect with.


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3. The Rainbow Cake

Haven’t you stumbled upon this picture of colourful rainbow cake and wanted it very badly. Find it at ‘The Dessert Street’ at Lower Parel and snap it to see the magic of this dish in increasing your likes and followers. They offer not just the rainbow cake but also a large variety of Entremets, Tarts and Truffles.


4. Live Rolled Ice Cream

Not just tasteful it is but also great to watch too. You can capture your ice cream being made live and get the hearts too. There are numerous places across the city like in ‘Icekraft’ that offer this mouth watering and fancy dish.

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5. Arty Latte’s

You can probably spend hours at this cute cafe called ‘The Pantry’ in the quiet neighbourhood of Kala Ghoda. The art on their lattes make for a perfect instagram photo.


6. Shakes at ‘D:OH!’

This newly opened food spot is fast becoming favourite for lot of foodies. Located at Andheri’s Link Road, order one of their freaky shakes and take a picture with your lips covered with shakes and see how it sets your Instagram on ‘Active’ mode.


So this was our take on foods that bring out your real selfie mood out. ‘Yummy in the tummy and gorgeous on screen’ is all that matches with these foods to be captured in a selfie with. Trust me, these food items are sure gonna light up your instagram feed.




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