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6 Traits Every Fashionista Must Possess and Exhibit

In a nutshell, a fashionista is an amalgamation of style, trends, confidence and much more. Are you a fashionista? Check out whether you possess any of the traits mentioned in this article to be called a master in Fashion

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Traits of Fashionistas
Fashion is something which isn’t constant. It changes with time. Like history repeats, fashion does too. Fashion is a concept which is too vast for anyone to comprehend completely. Being classic is the appropriate word which describes a fashionista. Fashionistas prefer to look beautiful yet simple. They start being a trend follower and end up being a trend setter as they become so acquainted with the technicalities of fashion. They may not be ostentatious but they always look good. They exhibit some peculiar traits and that’s what we talking about in this article. Let’s look at these six traits which all fashionistas share in common


1. A Perfect Wardrobe


This is one of the remarkable trait of fashionistas, wherein they have all the fashion essentials from having a little black dress, a pair of denims and most particularly neutral coloured clothings like black and navy. They prefer solid colours over prints and they look for the value for their wardrobe choices. They never mind spending on those clothes which are of a great quality and those which can last for a long time.


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2. A Striking Balance between Work and Play


When it comes to professional life of a fashionista, they carry a tailored look. They often dress up more formally than their fellow workers. Their work wardrobe is a true reflection of their style quotient. While they always find it difficult to choose a casual wear, they still end up dressing well be it formals or casuals.

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3. Power House of Style


A fashionista would be like a power house of style in their family. They are treated as style gurus since they are the ones who guide all the relatives and family members when it comes to fashion.

4. Shopholics


Shopping is an integral part of a fashionista’s life. Their love for shopping never ends. They do not compromise with the quality and are always drawn towards expensive and value-for-money stuffs. They are proficient at shopping sales, and are well versed with managing time and money.

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5. Keen Eye for Tweaking Fashion to Make it Look Fresh


A fashionista is always updated about recent trends. They don’t give upon their classic look but try to upgrade it by adding some trendy stuffs to their wardrobe. By doing so they reflect a more modern and contemporary look.


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6. High Levels of Confidence


Confidence is another word which decribes a fashionista. They never feel as they are over dressed or underdressed. They dress-up well and carry it with confidence. It’s their league and they know to play well in it.

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So these were some of the traits of a fashionista. In a nutshell, a fashionista is an amalgamation of style, trends, confidence and much more. Are you a fashionista? Check out whether you possess any of these above mentioned traits and do comment to let me know below.



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