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7 Dirty Lines Every Guy Desires to Hear from His Girl

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Dirty Talks in Relationship

Have you ever heard something from your man and it just instantly turned you on? Sexy right? But why should these words be spoken only by him? Wouldn’t it be great if you spoke them and turned him on? Believe me when I say that men love dirty talk…..especially if it catches him off guard. It is incredibly sexy to a man when his girl can take the charge and instead show her man that she wants him too. And what better way than to drop subtle or not-so-subtle hints to completely turn him on.


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Believe it or not but your man definitely has some wild desires. The desire of hearing some words from your mouth in that subtle soft voice capable enough to shatter his heart. Wanna know what these sentences are? We give you a list of top 7 wild sentences or phrases that could turn your man ON instantly.


1. If we were alone at this moment….what would you do to me?


Ask him this and be surprised at the answers you’re going to receive.


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2. You were so great last night.


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Trust me he’s gonna wanna hear this. Men crave compliments too. 😉


3. Just watching you do *whatever you like* makes me wet.


Nothing is better than this statement honestly.


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4. I want you to do whatever you want to. Don’t ask, just do it.


This could honestly make your man crazy. His mind will run immediately to play out the wildest fantasies of his life and lift you off your feet.


5. I want to do so many things to you right now. Dirty things.


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Whisper this to him in a sexy voice and watch how his eyes just gloom up to the thoughts of you taking the charge.


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6. Even the way you *action* makes me horny!! Wow.


From the way he talks to the way he walks or looks at you – pick something he does that drives you wild and tell him about how much it riles you up.


7. I can’t wait…. I want you right now.


This is like the ultimate sentence that could practically make him lose his mind.


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