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Top 5 Robots that Made Humans Wonder at CES 2018

Robots at CES 2018, Robots exhibition at CES 2018, CES 2018 for robots
Robots at CES 2018

Mumbai: Robot, a creature by human being which were made to ease human job, has finally come out for consumer buying. The mega tech show, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2018, like every year, has unveiled many such bots which made humans ogle at them. The tech show is a grand tech show after MWC (Mobile World Congress) which exhibits high-tech inventions. Let’s look at some of the high-tech robots which got displayed at the CES 2018

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1. Sophia

Sophia Robot, Sophia at CES 2018, Sophia Hanson Robotics
Sophia Robot

Sophia, a human alike speaking robot with Artificial Intelligence, which has become a talk of the world. Sophia doesn’t just talk like human being but expresses various feelings like humans. Dr. David Hanson, the creator of the bot, is getting widely applauded from the leaders of the world for his invention. Sophia looks like a beautiful lady and has made appearance in various news channels and has also come on a leading magazine’s cover page. Sophia is available in CES 2018 for it’s exhibition to the leaders of the tech industry to wonder looking and interacting with it.


2. Walker

Walker Robot, Walker Robot by UBTECH, Walker Robot at CES 2018
Walker Robot

Walker, a bipedal robot created by a robotic company, Ubtech, can take care of all your security need of your house or office. It walks all through your office/home and sends you security alerts if it finds anything awry in the space. It understands voice commands and is interactive via touchscreen or voice commands. It can make video calls and can also dance and play games. It is showcased in CES 2018, however, will be complete by 2019 whereby the company plans to give Walker it’s working arms which are missing right now.


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3. Keecker

Keecker Robot, Keecker at CES 2018, Keecker Bot
Keecker Bot

Would you not adore a bot which functions like your most loved pet? Who wouldn’t, right? Keecker, a bot which integrates entertainment, security and communication, is available in CES 2018 for it’s display. The best part about Keecker is it’s response to our voice commands. In a video watched, we saw how Keecker follows you wherever you go and switches ON it’s projector at your command. It sports a 360 degree camera and a projector and is accessible remotely to check what’s happening at home/office in your absence.


4. Aibo

Aibo by Sony, Aibo bot, aibo at CES 2018
Aibo by Sony

We spoke about artificially intelligent bots and here comes Aibo by Sony. Sony has revealed it’s latest version of Aibo in CES 2018 which is a robotic doggy. A cute puppy like bot, Aibo, is equipped with camera at it’s nose to recognize it’s family members, touch sensors at it’s head, chin and back so you can express your love that you do to an alive pet and is remotely accessible via smartphone. It’s price is USD 3,000 for a 3 year package.


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5. Aeolus

Aeolus Robot, Aeolus Robot at CES 2018, Aeolus bot
Aeolus Robot

We saw Sophia and Walker as great advanced robots which behave similar to humans, here comes another bot with the ability to grab anything for you. Yes, Aeolus is capable of bringing you a pen from your desk or a beer from your fridge. It has the ability to map your house so that it can know what is where for it’s smooth functioning. It is equipped with cameras above it’s LED eyes that can learn faces, objects and link objects with it’s location which helps it to bring any object from anywhere in the house.


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