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Justice Brijgopal Harkishan Loya’s Murder Case: Why is it called a ‘Mysterious’ Murder Case?

Justice Loya's Death or Murder Case, Justice Brijmohan Loya's death, Justice Brijmohan Loya's murder case
Justice Loya's Death or Murder Case

Bangalore: As the rate of crime on every aspect is increasing day by day, almost everyone is living with a fear about what is happening around them. We are mistaken if we think that only general public and common men are affected by these criminals. Even persons with constant media attention and huge publicity, face several threats very often.

The celebrities and the higher authorities from various fields have shared several times when they have encountered blackmailing, casting couch, sexual harassments and molestation in one form or the other. These criminals are so powerful that they can cover up the murder committed by them and can make portray a murder as an accident. One such incident which has happened way back in 2014, is the “mysterious” death of Justice Brijgopal Harkishan Loya.


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Let’s now discuss about the trials and background of this case:


It all started with the investigation of Sohrabuddin Sheikh’s fake encounter and alleged rape and killing of his wife Kauser Bi. Justice Loya was the special judge from CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation) who was presiding over this case where the prime accused were BJP president Amit Shah and several other top police officials from Gujarat. This case dealt with the fake encounter killing of Sohrabuddin Sheikh on November 26, 2005 while he was in the police custody.


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One more aspect is the missing of his wife Kauser Bi on the same day who later found allegedly raped and killed. Before Loya, Justice J T Utpat was handling the case. He was moved out of the case and transferred to Pune on June 25, 2016 since he reprimanded Amit Shah for failing to appear for the hearing before the court. It should also be noted that he ordered Shah to be present in Court on June 26, a day before of which he was transferred.


After Loya took over the case, he too raised concerns of Shah’s failure to appear in the court.


Now coming to Loya’s murder case, it was on November 30, 2014 that Loya was in Nagpur to attend the wedding of the daughter, Swapna Joshi, of another sitting judge at the Mumbai sessions court. It was on December 1, 2014 that the family of Loya received a call stating that he has died after suffering a massive cardiac arrest.


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Now why Loya’s death is called as a “mysterious” murder. Let’s dig into the details:

Following Loya’s death, Loya’s wife and son refused to talk to media owing to what they called it as fear of their life.


There is large variations found in the precise time of Loya’s death. Loya didn’t had any previous history of cardiac attack and even the possibility of getting one.


Loya was initially taken to the Dande hospital in Nagpur in an auto-rickshaw and then subsequently shifted to another hospital, Meditrina, where he was declared dead on arrival. It should be noted that both of them are privately owned. Now question arise on why he should be taken in auto rickshaw during the day time when some other convenient and faster modes of transport was available.


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There was a signature in the post mortem report of Loya which was mysterious. It was reported that there was signature of “Maiyatacha Chulatbhau”, or paternal cousin. However, Loya’s father has claimed that he hasn’t got any brothers in Nagpur.


Before returning to the family, Loya’s mobile phone was completely formatted and it had no data in it. Who did it?


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Loya’s sister Anuradha Biyani said that she maintained a personal diary and had made notes of the minute details of the condition in which she found Loya’s body. She said, “There was blood on his collar. His belt was twisted in the opposite direction, and the pant clip is broken. Even my uncle feels that this is suspicious.” And the family also said that there was blood stains in Loya’s clothes.


The question also arises on the “RSS activists” role, since they told Loya’s family about the location of his body, and delivered his phone to the family.


All these details clearly depict that Loya’s death is a well planned murder. We should take on account that just two days ago, four judges of supreme court have appealed to the nation to save the constitution and democracy, what have compelled them to appeal to the nation? When media made a question on whether this appeal has anything to do with Loya’s case, they replied with a “yes”. After this appeal, the Supreme Court has ordered the CBI to speed up the Loya’s murder probe. Whatsoever be the conclusion, the way in which everything has happened, it calls for a thorough investigation and make the perpetrators, if any, behind the bars.



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