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Top 4 Bollywood Actresses Who Fell In Love With The Underworld Rulers

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Bollywood Actresses with Underworld

Mumbai: Over the couple of years, Bollywood has been enticed by the Underworld mobsters so much that, every year there is at least one movie based on them. Whether we talk about ‘Satya’, which showcased a compelling story of real life mobster, or ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ which is based on the rise of Haji Mastan, Bollywood always has had some connection with the underworld.


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Today, we are talking about the top 4 Bollywood Actresses, who fell in love with the mobsters and made huge headlines, which were broadcasted everywhere, making them the talk of the world. The power of underworld, which attracts everyone, led to the top love affairs and to the perfect blend of glamour and guns. Let’s look at them


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1. Monica Bedi and Abu Salem

One of the most talked love affair was of Monica Bedi and Abu Salem, which took to another level scandal when Salem was arrested. It is said that for Abu Salem it was love at first sight, which made him use his power to cast his love in movies. Monica was still an aspiring actress when they both met. The love affair came to an end with Salem behind the bars and Monica living the glamorous life she wanted.


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2. Sona and Haji Mastan

The man and woman portrayed by Ajay Devgan and Kangana Ranaut are none other than Haji Mastan and his wife Sona. Haji Mastan, the first don of Mumbai, was a great admirer of Madhubala and when he saw Sona, he found his very own Madhubala, as Sona resembled the deceased. She resembled so much that, Haji married her in a heartbeat, making them the first gangster-celebrity couple.

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3. Mamta Kulkarni and Vikram Goswami

The love story which was not less than any Bollywood movie is that of Mamta Kulkarni and Vikram/Vicky Goswami. A bootlegger from Ahmedabad meets the Bollywood beauty, fell in love, gets married, crosses countries and ends up being the undisputed drug kingpin in Southeast Asia. They were both arrested in the year 2014 from Kenya in a drug and money laundering case.


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4. Mandakini and Dawood Ibrahim

Born to a British father and an Indian mother, the blue eyed Bollywood diva was said to be in a long love affair with the underworld don, Dawood Ibrahim. Their uncanny love story was depicted in the movie, ‘Once upon in Mumbai Dobarra’. They never got married, never had kids, never made any major appearances together but still were one couple who made the headlines. Later Dawood was rumoured to be linked with beauty pageant Ayesha Ayub, which was an end to the Mandakini-Dawood love affair.


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So these were the ones who made to our list today. It is said that love has no boundaries, which our Bollywood divas took literally and seriously. This was our take on the Bollywood and Underworld connection. Until next time, keep on reading people and fall in love.


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