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Top 6 Fashion Outfits to Try before Winter Departs

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Winter Fashion Outfits

Mumbai: It’s January already and in a few days we have to bid the winters a sad good bye. As much as we don’t want, the winter will leave us squirming for it till next year. So before we say hello to summer again, there is a list of winter wear that you should definitely try.


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Warm and cute is the look you should definitely go for and our list of clothing definitely offer the same.!


1. Beanies or Fedora’s


Beanies or Fedora hats are great way to take your outfit a notch higher, especially, during winter. It is also when you have a bad hair day and you don’t want showering cause *winter*, you can add a beanie and kick off the worries. There are n-number of varieties to choose from, in order to add your fashion wardrobe a ‘latest collection’ tag.


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2. Shawl


A shawl is not just a great way to keep the cold away but it can also be a  good add-on to your casual outfit. Match it to your Kurti or pair it with your plain tee, everything works out with a beautiful kashmere or wool shawl.


3. Boots


From thigh high to ankle length, boots  come in all shapes and sizes. Wear it with your mini dress to warm up your legs or just add it with your skinny jeans.

Stylish boots have become an important fashion outfit without which your fashion style may be called incomplete. So, hit the nearest boutique and grab one before winter fades away.


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4. Sweater Blouse


What comes to your mind when you think of winter? It’s sweater, Right? With those gloves on, isn’t it?. Sweater gloves make you look all cute  and are damn comfy to be in. So get yourself some of them before the stock vanishes from your nearest boutiques. H&M, Zara, Forever 21 or GAP, so many brands offer a variety of options and discounts too.


5. Jackets


We all have a number of jackets that we swear to wear some day but we don’t due to some strange reasons. However, now is the time to amp up your t-shirts or tanks and bring on the jackets.

The easiest way to look chic and feel bad-ass this winter is to put on the jackets on your shoulder.


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6. Cardigan


All the clothing pieces mentioned are great add ons to your casual outfits. We give you one more option to add to your winter collection. Cardigan with stylish beads embedded will definitely add beauty to your look. If you live in a city like Mumbai, you don’t need much to keep u warm. A cute basic cardigan is all you need when there is a little chill in the air.


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With that, we are done with the options for you for winter, however, we will be right back soon with some other collections for your fashion hunger. Till then, keep reading people.



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