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Top Predictions for World War & Other Calamities in 2018

World War III Predictions, nostradamus prediction for world war in 2018, 2018 prediction for world war 3
World War III Predictions

A new beginning has started as 2018 has arrived. Everyone is all set to implement their plans and achieve their goals which were left unfinished in 2017. Meanwhile there lies a curiosity in each one of us to know how our year is going to be. That’s how we tend to read about the predictions through various sources. Suppose if we talk about predictions about the happenings in the world, Nostradamus predictions come into picture. Who is this Nostradamus? Is the common question which will arise in the conscience of most of us is not yet addressed. Let’s look back into the history to know about him.


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Nostradamus prediction for world war 3 in 2018, world war in 2018, 2018 prediction for world war 3
Micheal De Nostredame ‘Nostradamous’

Nostradamus, also known as Micheal de Nostredame was a renowed French apothecary and a seer who is well known for his book titled ‘Les Propheties’ which is a collection of 942 poetic quatrains which describe about future events. The content in his book has gained popularity, as many interpreters have matched those predictions with key historical figures and events. It is believed that Nostradamus would look into a bowl of water and would predict about future. Using such a simple way he could predict greatest. For instance, Great fire of Chicago of 1871, rise of the the famous dictator, the Nazi’s, Adolf Hitler in 1930’s, the september 11, 2001 attack at World trade Center Twin Towers in New York city and the very recent rise of President Donald Trump in 2017. Well that was about the past events. Realizing that some of his predications have become facts, now it will definitely create an urge in us  to know what is hidden in 2018.


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World War III

A World War III scheduled to break in 2018 is one of the predications of Nostradamus. It is believed that there lies a common theme in all of the predictions. Accordingly, negative energy will intensify in an unprecedented manner. As the negative energy intensifies, there will be destabilization of the society which will led to destruction. After the Cold War in 1990, there seemed no traces of any more wars and the threats of World War III have already faded away. But time has come to be alert, as the evil is going to rise again and chances of world war III are likely to happen this year. Currently there seems to be some sort of disputes between Russia and USA and most prominent one between North Korea and USA, which are one clear indication of the disaster to happen. Nostradamus in his quatrains puts this as, “A war will start between two great world powers and it will last for a period of 27 years. A moment of great violence will coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky. A nuclear terrorism and natural catastrophes will destroy our planet until a giant planet shall approach the earth”. These quatrains seem most threatening and the interpreters of Nostradamus are alarming us about the future inevitable events by throwing light on his predications. This is not the only prediction, there are many more in the list and they are as follows


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Eruption of Mount Vesuvis

“The Italian volcano will shake every five minutes and will kill around 60000 people”, this was the statement given by Nostradamus. Likewise in the year 2016 around 1.5 million people were warned about the eruption who lived in the danger zone and were asked to live in the yellow zone.


A Devastating Earthquake

Nostradamus predicted natural disasters across USA, thus the United states Geological Survey constantly monitors the seismic activity. Shockingly, in the year 2016, tremors of earthquake was felt.


Global Warming

This prediction is very accurate, for this concept has come into picture a few years back. Climate change and ozone layer depletion are the contributing factors. The fire within the earth will come out to the surface is the belief. There would be no forests or glaciers as the earth will burn due to excessive increase in global temperature.


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Downfall of Economy

There will be drastic fall in the economy. “The rich would die many times over’’, as said by Nostradamus.


Life expectancy will increase to 200 years

“The advancements of medicine will raise humans’ life expectancy up to at least 200 years of age. An 80-year old man will look just look like a 50-year old’’ and this seems to be true in the current scenario.


But there are sceptics and scientists who are not convinced with the predictions of Nostradamus. According to a famous science writer and creator, Brian Dunning, argued that Nostradamus quatrains have fallen foul to misinterpretations and mistranslations.


Therefore, in the conclusion, what we can understand is that predictions are something which prepare us for future. Its not enough that we just read about them instead we should act accordingly in order to prevent the inevitable events from happening.


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