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6 Things Which are Believed Inauspicious on the 1st Day of New Year

New Year Luck Charm, Things for New Year Day, Things to do on New Year eve
New Year Luck Charm

We may never admit it but we have our own set of beliefs and myths that we cannot share with anyone else and blindly follow. Be it a cat minding it’s business by crossing your path and you backing off considering it a sign of bad luck. Or you shooing away a howling dog considering it as an ill omen.

We all are in some ways followers of these practices. From having a money plant at your place to hanging lemon chillies to ward off the evil eye, we all are desperate for some good luck.


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New years are no less, we have some bizarre beliefs and here are some of them that are sure to make you rethink and giggle.


1. No Sweeping

Some people believe that the act of sanity like sweeping and dusting your house will sweep away the fortune of the family if done on the first day of the new year. So they refrain from doing so. Well why not? After all, nobody wants to take chances when it comes to monetary loss.


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2. Old Clothes

It’s considered to be a good thing to wear new clothes on this supposed auspicious day. Thinking this might mean that the year would bring in good new things in your life as well.


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As bizarre or irrational it may be, however, it’s a good idea for fashion freaks to wear and look fresh with fresh collection in their wardrobe. And, I think it’s just an excuse to shop during the sales that are going on at this time of the year. Additionally, a new dress doesn’t hurt anyone, does it?


3. No Empty Pockets

There are people who insist that one should make sure that their pockets aren’t empty at all on new years eve.


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It is considered as a sign of low or no income and might bring bad luck to you in the year to come. I personally believe there is no harm in carrying few bucks in your wallet.

4. Don’t be Sad or Weep

The wise and old have said that you shouldn’t be sad or cry at all on this day. Because that might result into depression following you the whole year around. So wipe away those tears and curve your lips into a smile, after all, it’s a new year and a new beginning.


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5. Damage and Wreckage

If you are Mr. Butter fingers or Ms. Clumsy, this one is definitely for you.

Breaking or damaging anything this day might bring you bad luck and ‘wreck’ will be your buddy this year and it would be painful. So watch out before you break anything this day. Even if you tend to break things or have anger issues, I would suggest you to calm the eff down.


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6. Make Noise and Hang a Lemon

We all know about the myth of hanging lemons with chillies to ward off the evil eyes. However, what’s more bizarre is that people believe that you should make some noise to scare the ghosts or evil spirits off this day. That’s why bells are rung or crackers are burst during midnight. From the way I see it, it might just be a reason to party hard and loud enough this day.


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So guys, you, now, know some of the things that you can add in your to do lists for the coming years (or not). Whatever it is, though, is true ‘Salman Bhai’ theory.


Do whatever you want to do man and have a crazy and great new year ahead.





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