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Top 5 Wild Fantasies Every Couple Must Fulfill in 2018

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Wild Sex Fantasies

There have, honestly, been a lot of opinions on how the year 2017 turned out for people. Good, bad, worst, so many opinions, I tell you. However, it doesn’t mean you cannot hope for a better new year. Well well well, you’re at the right place. I’m going to tell you how to make your 2018 all the more better (at least sexually). So to all the couples and I also don’t mind giving this advice to the singles in a hookup, read up and find out about the 5 best fantasies that you should totally try out this year.


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1. Role Playing


This goes without saying. Role playing is one of the most common fantasies people all round the world share and that too, for a good reason. Role playing is like an umbrella fantasy where all of your wildest and hottest fantasies could come alive. Be it secretary/boss, doctor/patient, student/teacher, customer/waitress, hotel staff/guest, landlord/tenant, movie star/fan…..the list is endless. This fantasy definitely tops our list and should be given a try in 2018.


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2. Dominance


It might come as a surprise on how common of a fantasy this is. Although it could it be included in role playing but because of its popularity, it deserves a separate place. This fantasy also is one of the most difficult fantasies to discuss with your partner because of its association of offending victims of rape. However, we ask you to take it in a sporty spirit and give it a try. The fantasy includes one partner completely dominating and the other one surrendering. (By this, we mean dominance with your partner’s consent as this could be one of your wild fantasies)


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3. Recording


Another popular fantasy that people have is that of recording themselves in the act of sex. It can prove to be very stimulating and hot to people and let’s face it, you can also learn from your mistakes when watching it. So, nobody loses. While it comes off as offending to some people, generally couples do engage into it (CAUTION – should be practices only with the consent of both partners). Moreover, couples who do engage into this fantasy are also in a very comfortable place between each other, so it is advised not to bombard your partner in this fantasy too early in a relationship. (Caution: It’s illegal to make porn/sex videos in some countries)

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4. Striptease Yourself


A lot of people are turned on when looking at their partners stripping in front of them (stripper kind of strip) or when they tease or touch themselves. I’m not just talking about role playing a stripper here. I’m talking about just randomly playing into the moment and stripping in front of your partner while teasing and touching yourself. It could be one of the hottest fantasies you’ve ever engaged into.


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5. Public Sex


One of the wildest loved fantasies, public sex is very hot for a lot of people. It could involve the two of you going at it in a number of places like a public library, any event, on a beach, in concerts, the back of a car or soem other transport, parking lots, restaurant washrooms, anything. Honestly, your mind is the limit and also certain rules in India. Nevertheless, this fantasy also makes it to our list due to its popularity. (Caution: Public Sex is illegal in many countries)


So which one are you gonna try in 2018?


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