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Top 10 Gifts You Can Gift Her This New Year

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New Year Gifting Ideas for Her

New year is just a day away and definitely, it calls for parties, celebrations and plenty of joy. To add to it, if you are lucky enough to have a special someone in your life, then comes the question of how to make it more memorable for her! If you have the same question in your mind, fret not! because we’ll have it sorted for you.


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From cliché to cuteness, here we have a list that you can take along


1. Diamond


It’s not a myth but a diamond gift definitely are a girls’ best friend. A beautiful sparkling ring or a classy studs is all it will take to make her eyes sparkle instantly. If budget is what you frown at, worry not! There are various other options available from imitated art jewellery to platinum plated ornaments available in the market to express your love.


2. Flowers and Chocolates


You can go the cliché romantic movie way and surprise her with flowers and chocolates. No matter how much we say “we don’t like them”, they are enough to make our heart mushy. This is always a fool proof gift idea suitable for any occasion.


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3. Wine


This is also a cliché. A bottle of her favourite wine with two glasses and a night to savour it, will definitely make her eyes turn hearty for you. It has romance written all over it. What a classy way to spend the new year night with your loved one, isn’t it?


4. A Gown


What better way to surprise her other than gifting her a sexy and a beautiful gown. Even our very own Salman bhai chose to do so in ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ and made Katrina’s heart flutter without any hiccups. A sexy gown that you can slip off her body later in the night. Ahem, Ahem!! 😉 A gift you both will remember. 🙂


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5. Lingerie


Nothing else can be compared to getting a sexy lingerie from your own man. And the best part is that you can go as wild and as bold as you can depending upon your choice.


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At the end, it’ll be you who’ll have the ultimate gift. From Zivame to Victoria’s Secret, there are too many to choose from.


6. Favourite Book


If it’s a last minute purchase and you don’t have enough time to search for a perfect gift, you can just buy her a book from her favourite author. God bless you if your girl doesn’t like reading books. 😉

It’s simple but yet very thoughtful. This gift might be low on budget but is high on intelligence.

7. Couple Spa


Now, this one is crazy because this will not be just a gift for her but for you as well. Tag along and book an appointment together. What best way to start the new year other than relaxing and refreshing your mind and body together.


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8. Dinner


What makes any occasion better? Food food and loads of food. So what else would suit the occasion other than a new year’s dinner together. Take her to her favourite place or surprise her by taking her to the place she always wanted to dinner at. End the night with a romantic walk and a kiss. How romantic, isn’t it?


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U never know as this walk may become a walk to remember for you both.


9. A Night Together


If you are bored of going out and partying and of everything that follows, here’s a most simplest way. Spend the night in your pyjamas cuddling her in the most romantic way. Order some pizzas accompanied by beer and your favourite TV series preferably romantic.


What else can you gift her other than your own time and attention.


10. Customized Goodies


The simplest and cutest gift ideas are customised gifts. From adorable teddies to mugs and now blankets too.


You can go as extra as you can or as subtle as you want.


Customised gifts are like memoirs for life and not just for the occasion. 


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And remember guys, whatever present you choose to gift her, do not forget to give it with all your heart felt feelings because this is the most important rule of gifting etiquettes. Happy New Year guyssssss!



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