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Top 10 Thoughts to Consider Before Making your Resolution for 2018

New Year Resolution 2018, New Year Resolution,
New Year Resolution 2018

Its the end of the year again and we are again thinking of setting up our own resolution for 2018. This is the same time when people all around you will bombard your timelines with the ‘New Year, New Me’ crap, which has been going on for ages now. Posting pictures, tweeting about ‘My New Year Resolution’ make you question yourself about your new set of goals planned for the new year. So guys, have you decided what’s your new year’s resolution?

You will find many of your friends including you under immense pressure to plan your resolution for the new year. A resolution which will list down all the tasks that you have to accomplish by the end of the new year. However, do you agree that at the end of each year, we lie to ourselves and live in the false assurance that we have done the best we could do this year.


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Its better to slow down, take a break and if you are really serious about making the new year’s resolution, have a look at our list of 10 things you must think before you go about inking your new year’s resolution.


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1. Make a resolution for yourself because YOU want it and not just for the sake of showing off.


2. What’s life if you have no fun!! Don’t sign up for that gym membership when you are just going to visit it twice in the whole year. Take up dancing, sleep whole day on Sundays, if thats what it takes to add a little bit of fun in your life.


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3. Why wait the whole year to change? Why again to wait all year long just to start something which you have been thinking about all 365 days.


4. Set more realistic goals. Making a resolution is all about motivating ourselves to achieve those goals we have set at the beginning of the year. However, if you start by setting up some vague goals or ‘over-tall’ goals, you will end up disappointing yourself while demotivating yourself for achieving any other goal for the year.


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5. Make happy resolutions and throw all the negative ideas in the dustbin. Yes, that’s where they belong.

6. Share your resolutions with your family, friends or someone who will keep motivating you instead of laughing on your face about it.


7. Treat yourself when you accomplish any of the set goal from your resolution list. Buy that dress, or the new playstation you were eyeing at all throughout, or just eat a whole cake, it doesn’t matter what, just make yourself feel good about achieving something you had written down.


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8. Don’t over analyse your resolutions. Don’t compare your resolution with others’ and change it as theirs. Just because you think they have cool resolutions shouldn’t encourage you to write a fancy looking list which you have no idea of getting accomplished anytime this year.


9. Don’t sweat on it too much. If you are scared and feel you can’t fulfill your resolution, least you will give it a try. Don’t live in regrets, rather, make a realistic and achievable target list.


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10. You can make your resolution throughout the year, hence, its alright if you haven’t decided yet about your goal. Remember, you are only on the 10th page of the 365 paged book. You still have time. However, do not start making your resolution too late too.


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If you are going gaga about your new year resolution, take a deep breath, read this list and just have a thought about it and sleep well. However, when you wake up, don’t forget to atleast start adding your set of goals for 2018. On this note, ending today with some beautiful lines and till next time keep on reading people and have a Happy New Year.


Life begins and spirits rise,

They become memories that vaporize.

The vapor becomes the dreams we devise,

and while we are dreaming,

Time Flies.


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