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Surgical Strike 2.0: Indian Army Retaliated to Pakistan’s Ceasefire Violation

Indian Army Surgical Strike 2.0, Surgical Strike by Indian Army, Indian Army in Jungle,
Indian Army Surgical Strike 2.0

Mumbai: The rivalry between India and Pakistan has been decades old and while the common public seem to grow tired of it with each passing day, the politicization of the rivalry just doesn’t stop. India, which is generally considered the victim country of terrorism by Pakistan world over has still somehow tried to retaliate back. While the previous Government tried the peace way out of the situation, the present government isn’t really keen on that. It rather believes in ‘Tit-for-Tat’ strategy by striking back as hard as possible.


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India conducted it’s first surgical strike towards the end of 2016 with debates rising constantly in support and against the Indian Army. The Indian Army, however, striked back against Pakistan yet again with the news channels naming it as Surgical Strike 2.0


The fresh incident involved Indian troops crossing the LoC to plant Improvised Explosive Device (IED) in the Rawalkot sector of Pakistan. The incident took place on Monday after India faced a loss of 4 of it’s Army personnels in a cross border fire on Saturday.


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Army retaliated in the same way as Pakistan did to kill four of our Indian troops. Indian Army troops crossed the LoC to plant IEDs across the border and then killed three Pakistani soldiers in firing across the LoC. The incident reportedly happened as a retaliation against Pakistan in a reply to their ceasefire violation (which they are known to do) on Saturday. This is the first time army crossed the LoC as a retribution and this has come so vividly in public discourse after the surgical strikes post Uri Terror attack.


“The incident started when Pakistani troops targeted the Army patrol at Brat Galla in Keri sector at around 12:15 pm in which the three soldiers were injured fatally,” an army spokesperson said. Major Ambadas, 32, belonged to Bhandara district in Maharashtra and is survived by wife Avoli Moharkar, while Lance Naik Gurmail Singh, 34, belonged to Amritsar district in Punjab and is survived by wife Kuljit Kaur and a daughter. Sepoy Pargat Singh, 30, belonged to Karnal district in Haryana and is survived by wife Ramanpreet Kaur and a son, the Army has informed.


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Reportedly, “Technically, if one goes by the dictionary definition, it (Monday’s action) can possibly be classified as a surgical strike. However, saying ‘tit-for-tat’ attack or ‘revenge attack’ would not be appropriate either. The correct way to refer to Monday’s action would be to call it a ‘retaliatory’ attack. They (Pakistan) hit us and killed Indian soldiers, so we hit back. The way our troops were killed shows that it was the work of highly professional Pakistan Army personnel. India wants peace, but will hit back at a time and place of our choosing,” Major General (retired) Naresh Badhani said.


“Keeping quiet will not work. I’m sure peace can prevail if Pakistan controls terrorism and does not hit us. The reaction of the Indian army shows it does not attack, only retaliates. If Pakistan does not listen, the only response is hit to them hard,” Badhani added.


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