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5 Must Things to do Before a Romantic Kiss

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Kissing is without any doubt very pleasurable experience. In fact, researchers also suggest that kissing makes people calmer. It goes without saying that we all want to be good kissers. However, it is honestly very tricky. Well, we are here to reduce the trickiness for you and increase the pleasure quotient. I’ll give you the 5 most basic things to do before kissing anyone to ensure that your kiss is great.

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1. Oral Hygiene


This honestly goes without saying. You obviously have got to maintain a good oral hygiene before kissing someone. No one and by that I mean no one wants to remember a kiss with a mouth smelling of onions or something. Maybe eat a mint, or spray some mouth freshner before getting romantic. Try not eating anything controversial when you know a kiss is on the way. It as also advisable to always carry mints with yourself.


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2. Hydrate


This might come as a surprise to you but hydrating yourself is extremely important. Ask yourself, would you like to kiss anyone who is all dried up with chapped lips and everything? No, right? Applies to you too. Without drinking any fluids you’re only going to be all dried up, with chapped lips and will end up spoiling the kiss. It’s a big no-no.


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3. Relax


Kissing can be very tensing for a lot of people, especially if it’s your first kiss with that person. But tensing about it won’t help you or the other person either. When you are tensed, it will automatically affect your kiss making you extremely uncomfortable or making the other person uncomfortable. Moreover, if not relaxed, you will end up having a very desperate and sloppy kiss which is not cool. So, my advice to you is RELAX. Keep your calm and that will essentially help you have a good kiss. It will ensure that you start out slow and then deepen the kiss later making you a good kisser.


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4. Consent


The concept of consent has especially surfaced highly in the recent past. A good kisser will always know the importance of consent. It is extremely horrible that you kiss the other person without consent, no matter a girl or a guy. The best way to know whether the other person wants to kiss you is to talk about it first. Another way could be you leaning in a little to kiss and wait for a response.


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5. Mind Your Setting


It is extremely important that you keep a check on where you are and in what conditions. In a country like India, kissing in public places is generally frowned upon and moreover it might make the other person uncomfortable. It is best if you make sure you both are in a place private enough. Another important aspect of a setting is to make sure it’s not some dull affair or something. The setting should be romantic and cozy enough to kiss which will definitely help you better relax and kiss.


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