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Top 6 Takeaways from the Marathi Blockbuster ‘SAIRAT’

Sairat Movie Review, Learnings from Sairat, Sairat Takeaways,
Sairat Movie Review

Nagraj Manjule, the director who took the International film festival by storm with his directorial debut, was once again successful in making a huge impact by his second venture named, ‘Sairat’, which was released after a gap of two years.


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Sairat, which starred two new comers, was based on a love story, and talked about dealing with caste, all while being a successful commercial film. This movie became the highest grossing Marathi film ever.


Claimed as one of the most important Indian movie of 2016, the movie became the talk of the town, when buzz about how this story was relatable for some couples who were stuck in the circle of caste and religion. The director had beautifully created and presented a serious topic of caste equation by mixing it with a love story and little bit of comedy, which is something rarely seen and done before.


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Let’s take a look at what the top 6 things are, we learned after watching the biggest movie of the marathi cinema.


1. It gives an inside-out perspective of the taboo of social mores of our society. This movie left a touching authenticity on it’s audience.


2. The movie is more realistic and connected with audience, because it showed that not everything is fairytale and one has to go through several ups and downs to achieve something they really want.


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3. It showed, even though, the villages and villagers have progressed in terms of materialistic and infrastructural sense, they still keep a tight hold on the deep seated prejudices.

4. It teaches us that being together is more than just being physically together with someone, but one needs to hold tight to the one they love and come out more powerfully from the upland downs of life.


5. It taught us that no matter what you do, how you are, you’ll be treated by others based on however and whatever suits them the best, then be it your family, the village people or others.


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6. It taught about how friends are the real gems in life. Even when your family stoops low and think of something like  honour killing, friends will always have your back, no matter what.


7. This movie which was made by a small budget, have not gathered the attention of the regional people but had also garnished and received a standing ovation from the people of the International Film Festival. 


Even after such a big buzz it created in the society, you haven’t seen the movie, then what are you waiting for? Go and experience the wonderful depiction of love, friendship, longing, caste, society and the taboo.


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