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5 Pleasures to Experience with Your Boyfriend

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Pleasure With Boyfriend

Pleasure, a word that ignites everyone’s imagination. Pleasure could mean sweet or dirty pleasures to different people (especially to women). Be it dirty or not, I’m going to give you some great ideas to experience your idea of pleasure with your boyfriend, you know just incase you run out of ideas.


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1. Movies and Chill


Movies here can be any movie that you both like and have had in your bucket list. It could range from the most romantic movies to the genre of horror. Anything you both like. Chill here doesn’t always mean sex. Sometimes, just cuddling and snuggling each other while watching a movie is very sweet and romantic. You both can definitely advance to sex but I’ll leave that upto you two.


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2. Candle Light Dinner


It can’t be left upto your boyfriend always to decide and organize a dinner for you. You could organize it once in a while and completely surprise him. This is utterly romantic to a guy and also very sexy. Pamper him with dinner, maybe even gift him something that he’s been wanting since long and open doors for him, pull chairs. Nothing could be more romantic to a guy than his girlfriend pampering him so much. You would also be rewarded late by him. *Wink*


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3. Impromptu Trips


If you guys are not the kind of people that enjoy a simple movie or a dinner and are rather adventurous people who like to spend time by travelling or exploring, you could just simply plan a good impromptu trip for your guy. A beach trip, a mountain trek, a road trip, maybe some trip to a strip club with him. The options are endless. It’ll be a trip worth remembering with a chance to reinvent your relationship and having so much fun together.

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4. Get Nasty….By Mistake ….It’s Cute


Honestly, nothing is cuter than a girl pretending to get nasty by mistake. You just have to act a little with some dirty talks maybe or some flirty dancing. Act a little more like all of this is just by mistake and it’ll completely sweep him off his feet. It’ll be one of the sexiest things you do for him. Make sure, though, you don’t overdo it, it is no longer sexy and it will definitely set your boyfriend off.


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5. Prepare an Entire Night for Him


This is completely sexual. You will have to plan an entire night of SEXINESS for your boyfriend. Bring out the freak in you. Be confident. Be sexy. Plan out everything….each and every detail, from the romantic or sexy setting of the house to what you are going to wear. Preferably plan out his fantasies for him. Fantasies that he has told you about or your own fantasies. It is going to be extremely sexy and I can definitely guarantee you that your boyfriend would never be able to forget this pleasure ever.



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