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John Abraham Becomes 45: Know the Ups And Downs in His Life

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John Abraham

On 17 December, the chocolaty Bollywood hunk, John Abraham is celebrating his 45th birthday! Let’s peep into his life journey through out, what makes him to be what he is.

When we shed light on his life story, it’s evident that his life is like any ordinary being’s life no different. Even he has had his share of ups and down before the industry discovered such a charming actor.


He has the country smitten ever since his debut in Jism, which was released in 2003. His lean physique and jaw-dropping good looks have been an inspiration to many fans across the country.


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He is the winner of the Gladrags Manhunt Contest, 1999, John Abraham is unarguably one of the hottest men in Bollywood.


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John Abraham himself feels that his journey in Bollywood hasn’t been a cakewalk.


However, now, the actor, who apparently struggled to prove his mettle as a performer when he transitioned from modelling to acting, has become a name to reckon with as a producer and as an actor. He is the one who gave Ayushmann Khurrana a great launch with Vicky Donor (2012).

1. First Camera Debut

As we all know how much John loves biking and everything about bikes, but before proving his biking skills, showing off his long locks and the infectious smile on-screen, John featured in an album named Surma, composed by Punjabi singer Jazzy B. That was the first time when he faced camera in which he had played a crime investigator in the album.


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2. Uncalled Goodluck

The lead actor in the movie ‘Goal’ was first chosen to be ‘Saif Ali Khan’ by UTV, but as you know the fate had something else decided; due to lack of stamina and difficulty in adjusting to the game of football, he was replaced by John Abraham. Perfect actor with a perfect movie.


3. Turned Down Golden Movie Offers

He had turned down the roles in ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’ and ‘Nazar’, which in a way was for good but he even turned down roles in ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’, ‘Guru’ and the latest being ‘Happy New Year’. Unconsciously he slipped off the best offers.


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4. A Fighter’s Child

John’s father was a cancer patient, who fought and survived the deadly disease. This gave John immense courage as claimed by him that he has learned a lot from his dad’s strength and his mother’s care.


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5. The Fate Proved Wrong

Once an astrologer, after his first film ‘Jism’, told our Johnny Bravo that he was over. Had no future in the film industry and he should definitely quit! But John definitely chose to quit the astrologer’s path and never went back to the astrologer.


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