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Rahul Gandhi Takes Over Congress Party as President, Know his Powers Now

Rahul Gandhi Elected as Party President, Party President Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi Congress Party
Rahul Gandhi Elected as President

Mumbai: Rahul Gandhi, who has always been trolled for his poor political expertise, has finally grabbed the throne of Congress party. The newly elected president of Congress party was earlier working as the vice president of the party and required Sonia Gandhi to make the final nod on various crucial decisions. Sonia Gandhi who has been the president of the Indian National Congress party has now expressed her desire to retire from her position. However, she will still head some of the important sessions. Surprisingly, nobody from the whole of Congress party stepped forward to compete the ‘Yuvraj’ for the presidential position in the party. In the absence of any other contender, it was bound that the so called ‘Shahzaada’ of the Congress party had his way clear towards the Congress president’s position. Like any other party presidents like Amit Shah of BJP, Rahul Gandhi will now be empowered with various powers in the party to make any crucial decisions without any hindrances. Let’s look at these powers that the Congress’ Yuvraj has gained by acquiring the party’s president’s position

1. All India Congress Committee (AICC)

Being the party president, Rahul Gandhi will now be heading the party meetings and sessions across the nation. He will be the chairman of AICC and hence will head all the party meetings.


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2. Empowered to Elect the Candidates for Various Elections

Rahul Gandhi as the party president will also be the president of Congress Parliamentary Board. This means that he will have the rights to give a final nod on who should be the party candidates in various elections, be it state elections or the national elections.


3. International Delegate Meeting

Rahul Gandhi will be the point of contact for any international delegates who wish to contact Congress party. Any international delegate who desires to contact congress party, will now be required to take appointments or send an invitation to Rahul Gandhi.


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4. Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC)

All the PCC members and important position holders were earlier reporting to Sonia Gandhi with regards to their daily assignments. Their appointments were also decided by Sonia, herself. However, with Rahul Gandhi becoming the president of the party, every PCC member will be appointed and now be reporting to Rahul Gandhi for their work assignments and other Pradesh related work.


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5. Chairman of Congress’ Working Committee

Rahul Gandhi has now become the chairman of party’s Working Committee. He will have the super power to make some crucial decisions within the party. This also involves the suspension of anyone from the party or the appointment in the party. He will be the final decision maker on any coalition or dissolution with any external party.


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