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Top 5 Safest Cities in India to Live In


India, popularly known for its diverse heritage and vibrant culture is also a home for around 1.2 billion people in the world. One of the major factors of India’s immense economic growth is the fast pacing cities which constitute to it. The development and urbanization may have led India to be one of the finest choice for travelling and living, however, it comes at a huge cost in terms of population and pollution.

Indian cities might be developing at a killing pace and the future is inescapably urban, but, the frequently asked question on everyone’s mind is, are all the cities offering a good quality of lifestyle? There are just a few cities which draw the crowd towards them for reasons like good job opportunity, better living standard and good infrastructure. Regardless of all the above, one of the prime factors in deciding to live in any city is safety in the city.


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Today, safety is really crucial point to keep in mind when one is thinking of moving to a new city whether to build a career or just to settle down. The increasing crimes against women and children have not only evolved a sense of fear amongst the people but also has made them question the safety in the current city in which they reside.


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By studying the past and present records, we are listing here the top 5 safest cities in India to live in, not only safe in respect of crime but also digital, health, infrastructure and personal health.


1. Surat

Surat, claiming to be the safest city in India was positioned at the top by the crime and security division. Prevalent as the diamond capital of the world, it is a well developed metropolis, situated on the south of Gujarat. It was recently awarded as the ‘Best Urban City of India’ and was also honored as the ‘Cleanest City in India’ in 2011. It hosts the second biggest textile business in India and is known for the friendly and warm people living there.


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2. Ahmedabad

One of the biggest metropolitan community of India, Ahmedabad holds the second position for being the safest city to live in India. Known for it’s constant growing textile industry, it is often called as the ‘Manchester of the East’. Home to many major universities, it is also known as the heaven on earth for the vegetarian food lovers.

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3. Pune

Known for its higher educational amenities and relative prosperity, Pune is ranked as the third secured city in terms of living in India. With the growing industrial propinquity, it attracts a lot of individuals as it promises to offer them job opportunities in the IT and automotive companies. People often refer it as the cultural capital of Maharastra. Hence, it is home for a large number of people.


4. Chennai

Often called as the Detroit of India, Chennai is the hub of economic, commercial, cultural and educational centers of South India. It is ranked as the 4th populous metropolitan in the country and is declared as the most livable city in India by the Institute of Competitiveness. The economy of Chennai depends on automobile, computers, hardware, manufacture, technology and healthcare services. This city is home to various people coming from different backgrounds and culture.


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5. Mumbai

Widely known as the ‘City of Dreams’, Mumbai or often referred to as Bombay by the locals, is one of the largest metropolitan not only in our country but in the world as well. The migrants from across the country find a place in this city due to its high standards of living, business opportunities and the open mindedness of  people who keep on welcoming every single person with open arms spread widely. Also home to the biggest stars in the country, the city and its culture is followed by millions, and is ranked as one of the best city to live in because of it’s lower crime rates.


That was our take on the top 5 safest cities to live in India. Even though there are few different urban cities which are highly developed but they still lack the power of security, making them a hard choice for people to live in. Hopefully this will help you tick off the doubts you might have in your minds while choosing the safest city in the country. Stay safe people and keep on reading.


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