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5 Most Expensive Restaurants and Dishes in India

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Most Expensive Restaurants in India

Food makes the world go round. Be it something down from your street or the exquisite cuisine you had at a fancy dinner, your taste buds will still crave for more. You will agree that food is the best thing ever and if you are the one looking to explore some of the best food dishes in India and are ready to shell out good money then let us help you with our list

The 5 most expensive cuisines in India waiting to send in jitters down your spine is here..


1. Chef’s Studio, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

Chef’s Studio, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai
Chef’s Studio, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai

On the first floor of the heritage wing at Taj Mahal Palace lies the Chef’s Studio. The menu here is personalized with cuisines ranging from Indian to Japanese. With red carpet and candles and a royal service, this once in a lifetime experience comes with a royal price too. The decor, food and ambience all pre-decided and suited to your expectations so that you can call it one of the most memorable moment of your life.


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2. Wasabi at Taj, Delhi

Wasabi at Taj Delhi, Delhi Wasabi
Wasabi at Taj, Delhi

Chef’s tasting menu at Rs. 20,000. Yes, you heard us right Rs. 20,000. Chef Morimoto’s Japanese cuisine found its own home at Wasabi and is the best to try at least once in lifetime. This grand restaurant provides best of Japanese cuisine at this price. The Chef’s tasting menu is a nine course meal ranging from Kobe steak to Oysters.

3. The Qube at Leela Palace, Delhi

The Qube at Leela Palace Delhi, The Qube Delhi
The Qube at Leela Palace, Delhi

The highlight dish is it’s 13 inch pizza for Rs.9,999. We know your jaw would drop after hearing the price but wait a moment before you decide to chuck off this place from your list. The speciality of the pizza is it’s pizza topped with lobsters picked up from Canada, thyme-scented mascarpone and an ounce of best Iranian Beluga Caviar is what dreams are made of. And this dream comes true at Qube. A pizza that will keep your taste buds unsatisfied everytime you have anything else anywhere else.


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4. Le Cirque, Leela Palace

Le Cirque, Leela Palace, Le Cirque
Le Cirque, Leela Palace

The high quality beef called Steak for Rs. 8000 is the one featuring in our list of most expensive foods. Le Cirque being one of the most expensive restaurant of India houses one of the most expensive dishes too. Bisticca ‘alla Fiorentina, the grilled Angus T bone steak is one of the most sought after and devoured dishes at the restaurant. Go check out this dish if you are ‘steak-freak’.


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5. Anaarkali, Hyderabad

Anaarkali Hyderabad, Anaarkali in Hyderabad, Hyderabad Anaarkali
Anaarkali, Hyderabad

‘The world’s classiest butter chicken’ as lovingly called by the fans of this dish has a massive following on facebook. For anyone thinking how good can butter chicken get? This place is the answer. The dish is not only garnered with olives but with  of edible gold and silver. For the price you pay, you get back Rs. 800 for the charity of your choice. So guys, this dish is  ‘charity-ready’ which will not only fulfil your taste buds but also your kind heart for making a charity.


Everything in life comes with a price tag and your happiness also has a price. The prices of these dishes will definitely set you to run for more money to enjoy a satisfied life.


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