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MP Government’s Death Warrant Bill on Rape Convicts

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MP Bill on Rape Convicts

Bangalore: The world which we live has both good people and bad ones. Situation brings out the original character of a person. Every human being have little percentage of sadistic behaviour in him or her. A recent report warns that, this percentage has increased to about 1-2% giving us signs of how evil people’s minds have become. Now a days, every newspaper has an average of four to five news about rape, murder, theft, etc. Rapists have become so cruel that not only young girls but even a 10 month baby is not left unharmed. Recent murder of 7 year old Hasini who was raped and burnt by 23 year old engineer Dhashvanth has made everyone think about one’s mentality. The thing which was most painful to the parents of Hasini other than their dear daughter’s death was that the killer was out on bail and even dare enough to threaten the entire Hasini family not to appear in the court for hearing. This case clearly depicts the loop holes in Indian law through which the culprit of such gruesome murder can be free within a month. Then and there such incidents flare the public to protest for new laws to severely punish the culprits.

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As if the public’s voice has been finally heard. The Madhya Pradesh Assembly on Monday, December 4, 2017, passed a bill awarding death sentence to culprits in cases of rape or gang rape of girls under 12 years. The Chief Minister of the state, Shivraj Singh Chouhan, claimed that the criminals raping the minors have no right to live. This bill was introduced in the House by, Law and Legislative Affairs Minister Rampal Singh who discussed this bill in detail and then passed by all parties including the opposition leader, Congress party and ruling BJP party. Madhya Pradesh’s Home Minister, Bhupendra Singh told the reporters that, this bill will now be sent to the President for his acceptance after which it will become a law.


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Speaking at the MP’s state assembly, the chief minister said, “One (the accused) who rapes 12-year-old girl or minors is not human but demon and they have no right to live.” The CM further stated that “stalking” has also been made a non-bailable offence in the state.

On November 26, 2017, the cabinet approved the amendment of the penal code to aggravate the punishment given to rape convicts apart from increasing the fine amount smacked on them.


Home Minister, Bhupendra Singh told reporters, “It was a historic day for Madhya Pradesh as the State Assembly, as per the wish of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, passed a Bill making a provision to award the capital punishment to those indulging in such crimes (raping girls aged 12 or younger),”


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They decided to pass the bill since in recent times, the state is witnessing the increasing cases of sexual violence against girl child and women. As per the survey reports released by the National Crime Records Bureau, Madhya Pradesh recorded the highest incidents of rape with 4,882 cases (12.5 per cent).


Welcoming the bill, Mr. Chouhan said, “There are people in society who can be set right only by severe punishments. It [the legislation] will deal with them. We will also raise awareness in society against such crimes.”


We hope that this bill will be passed throughout the country and all the rape convicts should be given this punishment despite of the age and gender of the victims.



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