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Top 5 Indian Foods & Beverages with International Origin

Indian Foods with International Origin, Samosa origin, dal rice origin,
Indian Foods with International Origin

One of the conspicuous things about Indians are their food habits. The culture of different Indian states differ from one state to another. The food habits also vary widely from one state to another. The staple food for the Northern part of India is Wheat while to the South, people cannot have a normal day without eating rice at least a day. Although the younger generation now a days prefer eating the foods and chaats from the International brands like KFC, Pizza Hut, Dominos, Subway, etc., still it is undeniable fact that Indian Origin foods also have got an important place in their daily lives. Every Indian festival doesn’t complete without Indian sweets. However, one of the creepy facts to note is that some of the foods which we believe to be of Desi origin are not at all of Hindustani origin.

Let’s check out some such foods which are famous in India but are of Non-Indian origin:


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1. Daal Bhat (Dal-Rice)

One of the basic food items which are in the list of children foods are Dal bhaat. We all think it is one of the Indian traditional foods. But to our dismay, it is of Nepali origin and the dish entered India through North Indian influences. This dish is considered one of the healthiest to be given for 6+ month old babies.


2. Chai (Tea)


We Indians are not much of a coffee or soft beverages lover. We need chai. For every break in office, for every break in college, we need this hot beverage to replenish our lost energy. This drink originated in Southwest China. Initially, it was used for medicinal purposes. It came to India during 1950’s. We Indians didn’t leave this drink also, we added our masala’s like elaichi, ginger, dry ginger, etc., and made it taste like perfect Hindustani drink.

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3. Filter Coffee


We already know that coffee and tea came to India as foreign beverages. But a thought which was strong in the minds of Indians are that filter coffee is a traditional Indian beverage. However, the reality is, it was popularised by Coffee Cess Committee when they set up their first Coffee House in, then, Bombay in 1936. Kumbakonam, a city in Tamil Nadu is famous for its “Degree Filter Coffee”. The speciality of this coffee is the use of pure cows’ milk without any adulterants and chicory.


4. Naan


After Chapathis, Rotis and Parathas, Naan has a special place in Indian cuisine. Naan made its way to India during the Mughal era. This special flat bread pairs with any gravy, especially butter chicken and kadai paneer. In modern era, chicken tikka and naan are found to be utterly delicious for most of us.


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5. Samosa


When it comes to snacks, Indians have huge varieties from yummy Pakoda’s to healthy Masala vada’s. Indian cuisine requires a special part and expertise to cook delicacies for suppers. It includes both sweet as well as savoury dishes. Among these suppers, one of the dish which tops the list is ‘Samosa’. This dish came to India in 13-14th century by the traders from Middle East. The original dish was called “Sambosa” and initially had only meat, ghee and onion. With our exquisite cuisine techniques, Indian moms made it a way more yummier by adding potato, spices, cheese, peas, lentils, etc. This snack is so popular in India that depending upon the ingredients, there are nearly 60 varieties of Samosa that can be prepared and served.



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