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Top 5 Chief Ministers of India Who Live a Common Life

Top 5 Chief Ministers of India Who Live a Common Life, Chief Ministers common life, common life living chief ministers
Top 5 Chief Ministers of India Who Live a Common Life

Politicians – The first word that crosses the minds of the people is that of Corruption. It has almost now become synonymous. However, sometimes we fail to notice how some politicians do live a very common life ditching the luxury. It is an exemplary attempt by them to show their importance to the common men lifestyle. Here is a list of 5 CMs who live a common life

5. Pawan Kumar Chamling

Voted 5 times the Chief Minister of Sikkim from Sikkim Democratic Front, Chamling is on the list for living life like a common man while focusing on the development of the smallest State of India.


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4. Manohar Parrikar

He is currently the CM of the state of Goa and has been voted thrice for the position. Parrikar has been said to have a very common life while having an open approach with students, waiting in queues for a wedding photograph, and eating in normal restaurants. He makes it to no.4 in our list.

3. Dr. Raman Singh

Voted thrice to the position in Chattisgarh, and for good work which is even recognized by the United Nations, Singh has dedicated himself only for the work while maintaining a very low profile, even on social media. With no scams, corruption or luxury, so many of his moves are appreciated by the opposition too.


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2. Maj. Gen. BC Khanduri

As an ex-army man, he has served as a CM to the state of Uttarakhand. He is known for his humble, simple nature. Being a senior member of BJP, he has been successful in cutting down his security expenses, discretionary funds along with cutting down many allowances and foreign trips for the other ministers as well. He also took a first hand tour of the state to understand the problems.


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1. Manik Sarkar

A man from the Communist Party of India, he has been the CM of Tripura since 1998. He makes it to the top of the list by being tagged as the Poorest CM of India. Focussed on development, Sarkar also donates his salary and states that he and his wife can survive on his wife’s pension. His bank balance is also well below a mere Rs. 20,000.



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