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Top 8 Lady Dons of India One Should Know

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Lady Dons from India

We bring you the top most Lady Dons from India who made everyone wonder about women power. Let’s quickly look at their history and their era

1. Phoolan Devi

The ‘Bandit Queen’ fits the bill for being at the top of the list of lady dons. Phoolan had a troubled past, being repeatedly raped and brutalized by her husband who was a much older man. She was abducted by the dacoits, but went on to join the gang. She arranged for the killing of the gang leader by her lover Vikram Mallah. Phoolan shot into the limelight for the Behmai killings of upper caste Thakur men, 21 of them whom she lined up and opened fire in the year 1981. She surrendered years later to the MP police. She was in prison for 11 years, being charged on 48 crimes and was released thereafter on parole. Later she joined politics as a member of the Samajwadi Party. She was shot dead in 2001 as vengeance for the Behmai killings of the Thakurs.


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2. Reshma and Shabana Memon

The wife and sister-in-law of Tiger Memon who was the main accused in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts case. Both ladies have a ‘Red Corner’ notice (international arrest warrant) in their names issued by Interpol (The International Police Organization.


3. Neeta Naik

She looked after managing the affairs of her brother-in-law Amar Naik’s gang after he was attacked by rival Arun Gawli. She was an ambitious woman and joined Shiv Sena and became the corporator. The differences with her husband grew and they fell apart. Neeta was shot dead and it is believed that it was under the instructions of her husband that the act was committed.


4. Seema Parihar

Seema was kidnapped at a young age by dacoits and rose to be the leader of the same gang. In what would be a first, Seema Parihar played herself in the film ‘Wounded – The Bandit Queen’. She also participated in the reality show ‘Big Boss’ season 4 in the year 2010. Her gang was responsible for the killings of 70 people and abduction of hundreds and also for loot and arson. She surrendered to the UP Police after 18 years of dacoity. She joined politics and is a member of the Samajwadi Party.

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5. Cyanide Mallika

K.D. Kempanna could be counted as amongst the India’s first woman serial killers. She would pose as a devotee at temples, look out for distressed women, win their confidence, ask them to deck themselves with ornaments for a special puja, where she would give them water laced with cyanide and rob them.


6. Archana Balmukund Sharma

She was a part of the Babloo Srivastav and Fazal Ur Rehman gang which were known for kidnappings and extortion racket. Archana shot into the limelight also because of her good looks. Her companion Babloo Srivastav was a former Dawood aide. She too has a ‘Red Corner’ notice issued by Interpol in her name.


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7. Bela Aunty – Liquour Baroness

She used to control Mumbai’s liquor business in the 70’s from her hub in Dharavi. She was so powerful that even powerful underworld Dons like Vardharaja could not stop her business.


8. Baby Patankar

She was amongst the leading drug peddlers of Mumbai. She specialized in peddling party drugs which had the highest demand – Meow Meow or Mephedrone. She was assisted in her act by ‘friend’ and policeman, Dharmraj Kalokhe. She had good connections with the cops from within and thus despite being on the radar of suspects, she always gave the cops a slip.


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