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Government’s New Rule: Towing Vehicle, When Occupant Inside – Not Allowed

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Mumbai New Traffic Rule

Mumbai: It’s often believed, to procure something in life we need an example to lead and if this logic applies in case of traffic rules as well, then it shouldn’t come as a big deal to anyone.

The Malad incident has acted like an example to help into bringing this change in traffic rules, for which the Mumbai Traffic Police faced intense embarrassment. The Mumbai Traffic Police, Amitesh Kumar, Joint Commissioner of Police, came out with a circular on Thursday asking the traffic constables not to tow any vehicle before making an announcement about it on the megaphone.


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This thing started taking place after Traffic Police received a lot of flak when on November 11, one of its constables towed a car in which a woman was breastfeeding her seven-month-old baby in Malad.


Presently, the rules were once vehicle found parked in no-parking area would be towed away without enquiring even if the owner happened to be nearby. The owner had to visit the concerned police station to get it released by paying the fine plus towing charges.

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Whereas, with the effect of the new rule, now the vehicle owner, if he or she is nearby, while towing the vehicle, can rush to the vehicle, pay the fine on the spot and drive away. In this case, he or she won’t have to pay the towing charges.


Here are the new fresh rules and norms to follow:


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– From now onwards, every towing vehicle will have an officer above the rank of Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI).


– Also, every official when on the towing vehicle will have to carry an e-challan equipment and a walky-talky.


– In the circular, the traffic police staff accompanying the private employees have been asked to ensure that they behave well with the vehicle owners or the drivers.


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