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Vasco Da Gama to Patna Express Derails in UP, Casualties Reported

Vasco Da Gama-Patna Express Derailment, Accident in Manikpur, Railway Derailment in UP
Vasco Da Gama-Patna Express Derailment

Mumbai: A sad news reported from Manikpur railway station where several coaches of Vasco Da Gama-Patna express got derailed in the wee hours on Friday. As per reports, 3 have been killed and 7 are injured in the derailment. The derailment of trains from their track is becoming usual with recent derailment of Kalinga-Utkal Express in August where over 23 passengers died and over 400 were injured. 13 coaches are reported to be derailed and a medical train and senior railway officials have reached the spot to take control of the situation. How it happened, is still a matter of investigation and the reason will be revealed after the situation becomes normal.

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Talking to TOI, Chitrakoot SP Pratap Gopendra Singh said, “of those injured, 2 were serious and admitted to district hospital, Chitrakoot. 7 with minor injuries are being treated at Manikpur,”


Indian Railways has issued the helpline numbers for the enquiry and any kind of help



0532-1072, 0532-2408149, 2408128, 2407353


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05442-1072, 05442-220095, 220096



05443-1072, 05443-222487, 222137, 290049


Movement of trains was disrupted due to this major derailment on Patna-Allahabad route. <More details awaited>



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