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Top 5 Spicy Foods to Try before You Die

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Spicy Foods from Across the World

India is a region with varied culture and habitations. The food side habits also varies from south to north. But comparing with the worldwide nations, Indian Cuisine falls on spicy parameter. We Indians love well balanced flavors in our food. Even though India is in the category of tropical climatic conditions, it is always here “hot, hotter, hottest”. Despite the climate, spice is the integral taste for Indians which includes vegans too. There are now many channels started in by foodies in Youtube all around the world just to EAT!!! Yes you heard it right….Youtube pays for eating but this will not be like normal eating….these foodies have to showcase their talents in eating like eat kilos and kilos of food or eat awkward foods etc., one such talent in this category is to eat SPICY FOODs….EXTREMELY SPICY. These people will take up the spicy challenge to eat Nuclear noodle, Korean fire noodle, etc., to add up the heat in their channel.

There may be people around here in India, who love spicy food. Here is the list of world’s spicy foods:


1. Sik Sik Wat:

It is an Ethiopian dish. In Ethiopia, the word wat is basically used for the word stew. But Ethiopian wats are not like ordinary stew from other countries.  Whatever meat may be used and whether they are cooked or raw, no matter what, these wats are spicy, saucy stews with vibrant color and endless flavours. Sik Sik Wat is prepared with chili pepper, paprika and fenugreek which spices up chicken and beef stews. This dish is served atop a spongy crepe like pancake called Injera bread.


2. Huo Guo

It is a Chinese dish. Huo Guo means “Hot Pot”. Hot pots are prepared in several parts of the world like Japan, Korea, China, etc., to welcome winter and also to keep away flus and other winter related diseases. This distinctly spicy dish is cooked with mixture of raw ingredients such as fish, meat (any meat), offal (inner parts of animals), tofu, vegetables, chives, greens, cabbage, etc., and served hot on the table. This dish gets its spiciness from Sichuan pepper oil.

3. Cau Cau

This dish is from Peru. It is one of the many creole dishes popular in Afro-Peruvian kitchens, and is thought to have originated in Lima by cooks that out of necessity prepared offal recipes with tripe or beef heart. Now a days, Cau Cau is also prepared with chicken or fish. This is the spiciest version of the tripe and potato stew and is a major ingredient used in ceviche and causa rellana dishes.


4. Kimchi Jjigae

Kimchi Jjigae or Kimchi stew is a stew-like Korean dish prepared with kimchi and other ingredients like scallions, onions, diced tofu, pork, mushrooms, and lots of red chilli peppers, sea weed. The dish’s spiciness ranges from tolerable to tongue-piercing, and this dish is served at just below boiling temperatures to give it an all-around sweat-inducing experience.


5. Sambal Oelek

It is one of the staple food among Thai’s and Malaysians. Oelek means grinding, hence, sambal oelek means ground chilli sambal! This can also be frozen. Sambal Oelek is otherwise called hot sauce in one of its purest forms. It is nothing but freshly ground hot red chillies with some salt and vinegar for flavor and preservation.


Foodies out there can travel to these places and taste these recipes for their lifetime experience.


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