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Hardik Patel’s Sex CD Goes Viral, Hardik Responds

Hardik Patel Sex Scandal Exposed, Sex Scandal in Gujarat, Gujarat Sex Scandal
Hardik Patel Sex Scandal Exposed

Mumbai: In the nation of 1.324 billion population, somewhere or the other scandals keep happening out of which sex CDs kind of issue is very common. Especially when it’s time for elections with defaming intention.

Hardik Patel is the latest to be embroiled in a ‘sex scandal‘. Social media is high with a video which has gone viral allegedly featuring him with a woman.


To which Hardik tweeted, “Dirty politics has started now,”. According to him, BJP has “prepared a doctored sex CD to defame (him)”. But BJP clearly fanned off that it has nothing to do with the video.


Whereas, Union minister Mansukh Mandaviya came out in Patel’s favour and said that he should have filed a complaint instead of complaining about the BJP.


However, the social media talks are on and is tittering about the ‘real face of pervert Hardik Patel’.


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Whether the video is morphed is still a question. Whether the perversion here or not over Hardik had sex with a woman in the hotel when he is not married to her is still a matter to investigate.

Ashwin Patel, a cohort of Hardik and now alienated from his movement, literally alleged Hardik that he has exploited several women. But there’s no proof that the woman in the video is being exploited.


As per Rajasthan government – it cannot prevent every situation everywhere. Be it running out of oxygen in Gorakhpur or the cow vigilantes running amuck and so on. On the other hand, United Airlines cancelling flights to New Delhi because of high level of pollution off the charts. Then have the Gurugram Police being accused of framing the nearest poor bus conductor they could find after a young student was killed and consider that Hardik’s sex life is a scandal?


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The problem is threefold, one political leaders who pretend that their personal lives are as starched as their khaadi caps. Thus we see Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi being caught having sex with a lawyer in his book-lined study and BJP leader Bangaru Laxman caught in a sting operation accepting wads of money from Tehelka reporters who was pretending to be arms dealers. Several such sting operations came into limelight.


Second is ones fuzzy notion of consent. With no clarity about sex between consenting adults is anyone’s business or not. On one hand, romanticise stalking in films is considered entertaining but on the other, we stay aghast that two consenting adults might have sex in a hotel room.


The focus now comes to the sexual acts which is stated as scandal, if we go during the #AAPKaSexScandal Arvind Kejriwal sacked cabinet minister Sandeep Kumar caught in bed with a woman who was not his wife. These are not the same as Kumar having sex outside marriage if that’s the lapse in propriety that upset Kejriwal so.


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Hardik has said, “I am a man, I am not impotent.” He is right about that. His sex life might upset his family but he’s not a Jain monk sworn to celibacy.


As Gujarati politician Jignesh Mevani rightly said, “Right to sex is a fundamental right. No one has the right to breach your privacy.”


Hardik has said, “I am not bothered, but Gujarat’s women are being insulted” by what he calls ‘dirty politics’.


The sex is not dirty but voyeurism certainly is. Next time, can anyone say if that sex was a crime, a conflict of interest or an abuse of power before its rush to be stated as scandal.



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