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Woman Adamantly Sat in the Car Before It was Towed, New Video Shows

Malad Car Towed, SV Road Car Towed, Cop Tows Car with Woman
Malad Car Towed With a Woman Inside

Mumbai: Mumbai‘s Malad witnessed a shocking incident when a woman feeding milk to her child in her car was towed by Mumbai’s traffic cop. The incident is reported to have taken place on Friday at Malad’s SV Road. The scene was shot by an unknown man who has been heard calling the cop’s name as ‘Shashank Rane’. The man has been heard repeatedly asking Rane to stop the car as a woman is inside the car feeding milk to her baby. He says, “Gaadi mein 7 mahine ke bachche ke saath ek ladies baithi hui hai, aap towing kar ke leke ja rahe ho” (You are towing a car with a woman with her 7 months old baby inside). He also asks Rane that who will be accountable if the baby dies in the whole grapple. The cop is seeing mute and tries to show busy on his phone attempting to call someone. The man who shot the video reminds him repeatedly that he hasn’t put up his ‘name plate’ which is mandatory for any on-duty police officer. The cop neglects the man’s talks and asks the towing van’s driver to move the car forward.

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The video has got viral on social media and finally caught the eyes of many media professionals which started asking the police department for an answer. The Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic) told media, “The DCP Traffic (Western Suburbs) has been ordered to visit the spot and conduct an inquiry into the incident at once. It will be dealt with appropriately and sternly after the report is received tomorrow (Sunday),”. According to the Traffic Police constable, Shashank Rane, the woman, Jyoti Mali, and her husband, Jayraj, parked the car in the no-parking area at Malad’s SV Road and when the car was to be towed, the woman sat in the car to obstruct him from towing the car. Rane informed the Malad local police who intervened and resolved the matter when the woman’s husband paid the fine.


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Another video has surfaced where the fuss between the woman’s husband and the traffic cop can be seen which is reportedly shot before the car was towed. The husband, Jayraj, is seen asking the woman to not alight from the car even if it is towed. The traffic cop repeatedly requests the woman to alight from the car as staying inside wouldn’t help anyway. Notably, Rane was suspended after the incident was reported. However, it would be interesting to see who gets penalised after the truth has been revealed with the circulation of the new video.

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